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Donnie Darko: review

Posted by on June 8, 2017 in , ,

When Richard Kelly’s film was first released in 2001, no one knew quite what to make of it. Was it a religious parable, a mind-bending sci-fi reverie, or a weird Gen X movie – or all three? Whatever, it earmarked Kelly as a filmmaker to watch. It ...Read More

Cannes 2017: The Beguiled

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Sofia Coppola is back at Cannes with The Beguiled, a southern melodrama based on the Southern Gothic book by Thomas P.Cullinan. While the film's narrative follows the book and contains all of the elements of a period drama you would expect, it is ver ...Read More

Bride of Re-Animator: review

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in , ,

The work of HP Lovecraft has not been especially well treated on film. His horror stories – particularly the cosmic horrors of his Cthulhu series – appear to have had greater impact on comic books or perhaps a certain stripe of heavy metal band t ...Read More

Cannes 2017: Good Time

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The director brothers Josh and Bennie Safdie deliver, as the title suggests, a damn good film experience. Their names may not be overly familiar yet but after this, their third film, audiences will be hungry for more. The premise is simple: fraternal ...Read More