Arcade Fire – Everything Now

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When Arcade Fire first appeared on the scene almost 15 years ago, they came toting accordions and hurdy-gurdys – today, they come with keytars. They’ve always experimented with instrumentation, sure, but it’s a sign of just how far these Montre ...Read More

Childhood – Universal High

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Touted as the next Stone Roses when they first emerged from Nottingham in 2012, Childhood have turned out to be something very different. With their long-awaited second album, the quintet, led by the key duo of frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft and guitar ...Read More

Dizzee Rascal – Raskit

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Nine years ago, Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris teamed up for Dance Wiv Me, an infectious electro number that reached Number One and sent them both into the big-time. Harris has remained there, dating Taylor Swift, modelling underwear for Armani a ...Read More

Nicole Atkins – Goodnight Rhonda Lee

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While great music can be conjured up from happiness, hard times often bring out the best in an artist. So it is with New Jersey’s Nicole Atkins, who has finally fulfilled her potential with her gorgeous fourth album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee. Now re ...Read More

Logan: review

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There is an unwritten rule in comic books that superheroes should never age; generally, they should always be somewhere in their early-thirties prime. Logan flouts convention to show us The Wolverine in his autumn years. As played by Hugh Jac ...Read More