kubo and the two strings: review

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Laika Studios – an animation house – have built a curiously absorbing pedigree during their 11-year history. Their first film, Coraline, adapted from Neil Gaiman’s children’s book, was an enjoyably creepy fantasia involving the machinations o ...Read More

bonobo – migration

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Migration, one of the central issues of our time, is a way of life for Simon Green, the British-born producer who’s moved across the world during his time recording as Bonobo. Two years ago he left New York for Los Angeles, and the city’s more re ...Read More

brian eno – reflection

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Brian Eno’s previous ambient work, 2012’s Lux, came packaged in a bright, multi-coloured sleeve, aptly summing up its warm, aerated contents. Designed for the Palace Of Venaria in Turin, it was heavily synthesised but its tones still sounded orga ...Read More

brotherhood: review

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The trajectory of Noel Clarke has been one of the most pleasing in recent memory. Starting out as, essentially, the stooge role in the early days of the Doctor Who reboot, he has now become a significant creative force in British cinema. His body of ...Read More

Café Society: review

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Since tackling the Russian Revolution in 1975’s Love And Death, Woody Allen has frequently used historical settings for his films. Although very different pieces, Purple Rose Of Cairo, Radio Days, Broadway Danny Rose and Sweet And Lowdown all circl ...Read More