De La Soul

3 Feet High and Rising

Original Release: 3rd March 1989
Reissue Release: 3rd March 2023
Label: AOI/Chrysalis Records
Genre: Hip Hop
With De la Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising being reissued for it’s 30th Anniversary, we thought we would revisit this certified classic…
A colorful, playful and endlessly inventive album, this album is a total trip, a journey through the most eclectic and diverse collection of samples and sounds you’ve ever heard. And yet, somehow, it all comes together to create something that is undeniably funky and fresh.
From the very first track, you know you’re in for something special. The skits and interludes throughout the album add to the overall psychedelic vibe, creating a listening experience that is both engaging and immersive.
Like a sonic collage, it draws samples from an astonishing range of musical styles and cultural references, from funk and soul to jazz and psychedelia, creating a heady mix that’s both nostalgic and forward-thinking.
But it’s not just the production that sets this album apart. The lyrics and delivery are nothing short of phenomenal. They tackle a wide range of topics, from love and relationships to social commentary and even an ode to their favorite breakfast cereal.
And let’s not forget about the guest appearances. From the legendary Queen Latifah to the funky-fresh Prince Paul, the collaborations on this album only serve to enhance its already impressive sound.
Three Feet High and Rising is a landmark album in hip hop history. It’s a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the power of music to bring people together. If you haven’t experienced it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.


for fans of: A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Digable Planets

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