The Secret To Life

Release: 27th October 2023
Label: decca
Genre: Indie Pop · Psychedelic Pop
the supergroup fizz, comprised of the incredibly talented quartet of musicians orla gartland, dodie, greta isaac and martin luke brown, on their debut album ‘the secret to life’ showcase a colourful circus of styles that bring together the best bits of pop and rock genres, packed with fun and a unique energy throughout the whole record. 
themes and topics throughout this record all stem from personal experiences of the band, such as heartbreak on ‘i just died’, existentialism on ‘hell of a ride’, even playing the hit video game rocket league with the boys on the fittingly titled ‘rocket league’.
the lead single from this album ‘high in brighton’ is a showcase of the colourful circus of sounds previously mentioned. doffing their caps to bands like the beach boys and the beatles with layered harmonies and ear-worm melodies laden throughout, this is a highlight of the album for me personally. you can really feel the fun of the creation of this track through your experience listening to it!
‘the grand finale’ closes off the album in majestic fashion. a dizzying amount of key changes happen throughout the song’s ever-changing direction of style. the ending of the song shows the band doing what they do best, their ethereal harmonies!
this album is like a ‘pick and mix’ bag of sweets, every song is different but equally as incredible as the others! a definite standout album of the year and an incredible debut from the quartet, the future is incredibly bright for fizz!


must listen to: high in brighton, i just died, hell of a ride
for fans of: jellyfish, blur, beatles


ben richardson, fopp cambridge

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