Licorice Pizza

Physical Release: 6th June 2022
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Coming-of-age Comedy Drama
Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza is a breath of fresh air in every way; starring 2 highly likeable newcomers Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim as the central loved up couple, the movie is a classic picture; with a thrilling soundtrack, hilarious cameos and attractive sets, it’s a romcom for all ages. A multi-nominated standout in last year’s awards rush, it more than lives up to its deserved hype.
Set in the early 70s, we follow Hoffman’s Gary as he falls head overs heels for Haim’s Alana as the pair repeatedly cross paths; from Gary’s experiences as a young actor to Alana’s brush in politics, the pair are never too far from each other, their feelings consistently bubbling under the surface. Alana ponders whether she should be hanging out with this younger guy, but Cooper’s charm and her difficulty in resisting is the heart of it all. The film is a feel good riot, where you catch yourself smiling along to Cooper’s hapless attempts at impressing the exasperated Alana. But their chemistry is always there, and one way or another they’ll be united…
Featuring memorable appearances from Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, John C. Reilly and the other Haim sisters (Danielle and Este), Licorice Pizza is a film where the viewer is allowed to experience the ride, every bump and curve along the way!


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John Grove, Fopp Cambridge

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