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Fopp and StudioCanal are teaming up to offer a high quality, beautifully restored premium range that covers some of the most iconic British cinema of all time. All of these titles and many more at £7 on DVD and £10 on Blu-ray. Offer ends 20th February.

Richard III

Director  Laurence Olivier
Written by  William Shakespeare (Plays) · Laurence Olivier
Starring  Laurence Olivier · Cedric Hardwicke · Nicholas Hannen
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Laurence Olivier produces, directs and stars in this glorious adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece – Richard III. Having helped his brother King Edward IV (Cedric Hardwicke) take the throne of England, the jealous hunchback Richard, Duke of York (Laurence Olivier), plots to seize power for himself. Masterfully deceiving and plotting against nearly everyone in the royal court, including his eventual wife, Lady Anne (Claire Bloom), and his brother George, Duke of Clarence (John Gielgud), Richard orchestrates a bloody rise to power before finding all his gains jeopardized by those he betrayed. Winner of multiple BAFTAs including Best British Film and Best British Actor this a stunning restoration produced in collaboration with The Film Foundation.


The Servant

Director  Joseph Losey
Written by  Harold Pinter
Starring  Dirk Bogarde · Sarah Miles · Wendy Craig
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


The first in a trilogy of Harold Pinter and Joseph Losey collaborations that also includes Accident (1967) and The Go-Between (1970) The Servant (1963) is a tense psychological drama that studies the theme of servitude, whilst also offering a brutal indictment of the British class system. James Fox stars as Tony, a wealthy young Londoner who hires valet Hugo Barrett (Dirk Bogarde). Initially, Barrett takes to his role and subtly suggests that the house could do with some alterations. Gradually, Barrett begins calling the shots, yet he and Tony form a seemingly friendly bond, whilst dually retaining their conflicting social positions. The arrival of Tony’s girlfriend Susan (Wendy Craig), who dislikes Barrett and loathes all that he represents, marks a dramatic shift in the ‘master and servant’ dynamic.

The Frightened City

Director  John Lemont
Written by  Leigh Vance · John Lemont
Starring  Herbert Lom · Sean Connery · John Gregson
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


A brand new restoration of the 1961 British neo-noir gangster film. The Frightened City is an essential addition to the Vintage Classics Collection. Starring Sean Connery as Paddy Damion, a thief who is recruited by a mobster (Alfred Marks) to oversee his money collection. Paddy is no thug but takes the job because his partner (Kenneth Griffith) has been injured in a robbery and he feels obligated to support him. Marks is actually the puppet of criminal mastermind Zhernikov (Herbert Lom), who has the image of a respectable businessman, but is in fact manipulating the local mobsters for his own ends. Also in the mix are the beautiful Anya (Yvonne Romain), wannabe singer and Zhernikov’s mistress, to whom Paddy immediately takes a shine, and Sayers (John Gregson) the dedicated cop trying to crack open organised crime.


Director  Alexander Mackendrick
Written by   William Rose
Starring  Alec Guiness · Peter Sellers · Cecil Parker
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Mrs. Wilberforce (Katie Johnson) likes to report suspicious behavior to the police. Unaware of her reputation, the dapper thief Professor Marcus (Alec Guinness) rents rooms in the elderly widow’s home for himself and his band of cohorts. Posing as a string quintet, the thieves pull off a bank robbery, but slip up in front of the old woman as they try to escape. Agreed that they need to murder her, the bumbling crooks wind up double-crossing each other and slowly killing themselves off.


Director  Michael Tuchner
Written by  Dick Clement · Ian La Frenais
Starring  Richard Burton · Ian Mcshane · Nigel Davenport
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Vic Dakin (Richard Burton) is a doting son. He loves his dear old mother, brings her tea and tucks her up in bed every night. They live together in their cosy suburban house, and he takes her to Brighton every week for a day trip to the seaside. But Vic Dakin has another side. He is also one of London’s most notorious criminals, a vicious sadist who will bribe, blackmail and maim those who cross or threaten him.

Don't Look Now

Director  Nicolas Roeg
Written by  Allan Scott · Chris Bryant
Starring  Julie Christie · Donald Sutherland · Hilary Mason
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Nicolas Roeg’s thriller, based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier, follows a married couple as they attempt to recover from the death of their young daughter. John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) and his wife Laura (Julie Christie) are staying in Venice in an attempt to find relief after the drowning of their daughter Christine (Sharon Williams) in a tragic accident. However, the city appears to have an unfortunate effect upon the grieving John, who experiences visions of a red-coated child resembling his daughter. The couple also happen across a pair of sisters who claim to have had visions of their daughter. According to the sisters, Christine has been trying to contact John in an attempt to warn him that something terrible is about to happen…

Kind hearts & coronets

Director  Robert Hamer
Written by  Robert Hamer (Screenplay) · John Dighton
Starring  Dennis Price · Alex Guiness · Valerie Hobson
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Classic Ealing comedy in which an embittered aristocrat sets out to murder the eight heirs that stand between him and succession to the family title. Louis (Dennis Price) holds no love for his aristocratic family, the D’Ascoynes. The family cast his mother out when she decided to marry a commoner, Louis’s father, and on her death refuse to allow her to be buried in the family vault. An outraged Louis vows revenge and begins working his way into the trust of the family to provide him with the opportunity to kill all of the male heirs one by one. However, complications arise when he becomes romantically entangled with one of the widows of his victims, Edith (Valerie Hobson). Will Louis be able to stay the course and murder his way to a dukedom?

Death on the nile

Director  John Guillermin
Written by  Anthony Shaffer
Starring  Peter Ustinov · Mia Farrow · Simon MacCorkindale
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


On a luxurious cruise on the Nile River, a wealthy heiress, Linnet Ridgeway (Lois Chiles), is murdered. Fortunately, among the passengers are famed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) and his trusted companion, Colonel Race (David Niven), who immediately begin their investigation. But just as Poirot identifies a motley collection of would-be murderers, several of the suspects also meet their demise, which only deepens the mystery of the killer’s identity.

The Third Man

Director  Carol Reed
Written by  Graham Greene
Starring  Orson Welles · Alida Valli · Joseph Cotten
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Classic thriller written by Graham Greene and starring Orson Welles in which a writer sets about investigating the death of a friend in post-World War II Vienna. Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), a pulp Western writer, arrives in the Austrian capital expecting to take up a job with his old acquaintance, Harry Lime (Welles). When he is informed that Lime died a week previously in a car accident, Martins is intrigued by inconsistencies in the accounts of the death and decides that he can’t leave the city without investigating matters further. As a consequence, he finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and searching for the elusive ‘third man’ who was at the scene of Lime’s death. When the head of the local military police, Major Calloway (Trevor Howard), informs him that Lime was involved in black market drug distribution, the plot thickens even further…

The Wicker Man

Director  Robin Hardy
Written by  Anthony Shaffer
Starring  Edward Woodward · Christopher Lee · Diane Cilento
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


An alternative cut of the cult horror classic, featuring previously undiscovered footage, in which devout Christian policeman Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) finds himself summoned to a remote Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a child. On arrival, Howie finds himself increasingly isolated and humiliated by the actions of the island’s community, who belong to a bizarre pagan cult led by the charming Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee). As preparations for a sinister ritual celebration reach fever pitch, Howie, whilst trying to fend off the advances of the local landlord’s daughter Willow (Britt Ekland), begins to suspect what role the islanders intend him to play.

Aces High

Director  Jack Gold
Written by  Howard Barker
Starring  Malcolm McDowell · Christopher Plummer · Simon Ward
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


New air force recruit Peter Firth takes an instant dislike to his embittered squadron leader, Malcolm McDowell. But as the young pilot experiences the tensions and stresses of warfare, his dislike turns to admiration. The film features excellently photographed aerial dogfight sequences. Also starring Christopher Plummer and John Gielgud. An airborne remake of the 1930 trench-bound ‘Journey’s End’.


The Family Way

Director  Roy Boulting
Written by  Bill Naughton
Starring  Hywel Bennett · Hayley Mills · Avril Angers
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Hywel Bennett and Hayley Mills star as young newly-weds in this 1960s British comedy drama based on Bill Naughton’s play. Following their reception, the couple stay the night at Arthur (Bennett)’s family home in a small Lancashire village prior to departing for their honeymoon. When their travel plans unexpectedly collapse, the couple are forced to return to the crowded house, where Arthur clashes with his dominating father, Ezra (John Mills), and his relationship with his bride, Jenny (Hayley Mills), is put to the test.

The Elephant Man

Director  David Lynch
Written by  Christopher De Vore · Eric Bergren · David Lynch
Starring  John Hurt · Anthony Hopkins · Anne Bancroft
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Starring Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt,  The Elephant Man is an extraordinary and intensely moving true story of bravery and humanity. John Merrick (John Hurt) is The Elephant Man, forced into circus sideshows and spurned by society because of the disfiguring disabilities he was born with. Rescued by a well meaning surgeon (Anthony Hopkins), he tries to escape a life of prejudice and cruelty as he tries to fit into a world ruled by Victorian sensibilities. Beautifully shot in black and white by the incomparable Freddie Francis, THE ELEPHANT MAN is an unforgettable story of human dignity and survival.


Sid & Nancy

Director  Alex Cox
Written by  Alex Cox · Abe Wool
Starring   Gary Oldman · Chloe Webb · David Hayman
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


The film follows the turbulent relationship between Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb), following their love affair from their first encounters on the London Punk scene to Spungen’s death at her boyfriend’s hands in a seedy New York hotel. Director Alex Cox eschews moral judgement in favour of an attempt to show how their attachment to each other was motivated by universal human needs, fashioning a classic romantic love story out of unpromising material. Courtney Love makes a brief appearance.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Director  Nicolas Roeg
Written by  Paul Mayersberg
Starring  David Bowie · Rip Torn · Candy Clark
Format  DVD and Blu-ray


Nicolas Roeg directs this classic 1970s sci-fi drama in which David Bowie stars as an alien who arrives on Earth in search of water to save his own dying planet. Assuming the name Thomas Jerome Newton, he soon forms a lucrative partnership with patent attorney Oliver Farnsworth (Buck Henry) by creating revolutionary products. As their business develops into a hugely successful financial empire, Thomas plans to use the profits to build a ship that will return him to his home world. However, while he waits for his ship to be ready, he begins to fall prey to earthly pleasures and failings.


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