Album of the Month – Khruangbin

Artist: Khruangbin
Title: A LA SALA
Released: 5th April 2024
Khruangbin, the trio comprising Laura Lee, Mark Speer, and Donald “DJ” Johnson, skillfully navigate an intricate interplay of global inspirations, psychedelic funk, and ambient textures. Their repertoire transcends mere fusion, pushing boundaries to craft an immersive voyage. Within a Khruangbin composition, one discovers Lee’s  bass motifs intertwined with Speer’s guitar melodies and Johnson’s precise rhythm, creating a groove that transports the listener. Over the past nine years, the group has embarked on a remarkable journey, marked by a series of highly acclaimed albums, their debut, “The Universe Smiles Upon You” (2015), received widespread praise for its lush instrumentation and tight grooves, following this success, they delivered the equally mesmerising “Con Todo el Mundo” (2018), and most recently, “Mordechai” (2020), which further solidified their reputation for crafting gorgeous sonic vistas. And now on their latest offering, A LA SALA, Khruangbin confidently cements their status as one of the most thrilling acts on today’s music scene.


A LA SALA is available now on CD & LP!

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