I Don’t Run


Spanish quartet Hinds release their long-awaited second record I Don’t Run. The new album shows a bigger, better, faster, funnier, more dexterous Hinds. The album is the product of a band fighting for their place, a band unwilling to rely upon their successes, a band that have just begun to prove themselves, and a band who plays hard but works even harder. Some might expect them to write songs about being happy, young and carefree – “but we're not satisfied with that,” explains guitarist Ana Perrote. “On this album the struggles are clear. We want to be brave.” I Don’t Run is Hinds’ return with an honest reflection on a period that changed their lives beyond their wildest imaginations. After everything they’ve overcome, one might think a band like Hinds would have second album jitters, but think again. Hinds are chomping at the bit and with defiant confidence.