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This month at FOPP we get to show off the best films from our friends at Picturehouse Entertainment, the award-winning film distribution arm of Picturehouse Cinemas. Since 2010, they’ve been releasing outstanding films from around the world which connect to a wide and under-served audience in a unique and visionary way! Lets take a look at some of our favourite Picturehouse films of recent years…

ANIMALS (2018)

Starring Holliday Grainger and Alia Shawkat as 2 30-something best friends in a coming of age Withnail & I inspired romp of a film, and directed by Sophie Hyde (Good Luck To You Leo Grande), this is a fun-filled classic boasting 2 exciting emerging female acting talents, as they battle with the idea of “growing up” and wanting to keep a firm grip on as much of their youth as possible.


Eliza Scanlen, of Little Women and Sharp Objects fame, turns in a heartwrenching performance as a teenager recovering from cancer, who is just trying to figure out herself and find some sort of independence. She falls for a local homeless guy, but it’s unclear whether her family will accept him, but could they lose her in the process.


Set in Yorkshire, Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu star together as 2 farmworkers who find themselves gradually become more attracted to each other. The film is beautifully and tenderly done, not overly explicit but doesn’t shy away from the longing the 2 men appear to have for each other, if they can come to terms with it….


The Party (2017)

Featuring an all-star cast of established actors (including Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall, Cillian Murphy and more), who experience a dinner party from hell as the invited guests delve into heated political discussions and personal relationship fallouts. Set over the course of just 1 night, this film is high on laughs and bombshells, and solid acting from many screen favourites.

THE WIFE (2018)

Receiving major Oscar buzz for her role here, Glenn Close is on impeccable form playing the wife of a beloved Nobel Prize winner. Close keeps us hooked with her every emotion, as she deals with her husband’s career and its impacts on their personal lives and their relationship together.


From Iceland, Halla (Halldora Geirhardsdottir) is the woman at war here, an eco-warrior more precisely, in this jet-black comedy as she attempts to save the planet with one heroic action at a time. The film shows Halla as a “normal” superhero; spending half her time in exhilarating acts whilst also trying to achieve her dream of adoption – can she really continue to do both, or does one have to be let go?



Everyone’s current favourite screen siren Aubrey Plaza puts in a hilarious and outlandish performance in this ‘anti-comedy’, which aims to push the envelope of humour as it follows Plaza’s Lulu as she tries to break free from an unhappy marriage, but could she live to regret going too far?



OUT OF BLUE (2019)

Patricia Clarkson (Sharp Objects) gives a sturdy central performance in this chilling crime story, with some great supporting turns from James Caan, Jonathan Majors and Toby Jones. It’s a film that begins as a standard thriller, but gradually turns into something far more complex, as Clarkson’s character tries to solve a death that struggles to add up……


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