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Bride of Re-Animator: review

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The work of HP Lovecraft has not been especially well treated on film. His horror stories – particularly the cosmic horrors of his Cthulhu series – appear to have had greater impact on comic books or perhaps a certain stripe of heavy metal band t ...Read More

On Our Playlist: New Music

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Out this week, all of the records that you need on your shelf this week in one handy place. Check out the albums that get our fopp stamp of approval below. The Charlatans - Different Days The Charlatans’ 13th album, Different Days fe ...Read More

Cannes 2017: Good Time

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The director brothers Josh and Bennie Safdie deliver, as the title suggests, a damn good film experience. Their names may not be overly familiar yet but after this, their third film, audiences will be hungry for more. The premise is simple: fraternal ...Read More

Cannes 2017: Rodin

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When you think of Rodin, you probably think of the kiss. In Jacques Doillon’s latest you will see the passion and love that lead to the creation of his most famous work along with many of Rodin’s other iconic sculptures. Doillon delivers a non ...Read More

thea gilmore @ Fopp Cambridge

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Thea Gilmore will be performing live & signing copies of her new album 'The Counterweight' at our store in Cambridge. The event will take place on: Wednesday 7th June - 18:30pm - Fopp Cambridge Copies of the album will be available to purch ...Read More