film of the month – Dream Scenario

director:Kristoffer Borgli
title:Dream Scenario
released:4th March 2024


In this uproarious comedy from writer-director Kristoffer Borgli (Sick of Myself) and producer Ari Aster, hapless family man Paul Matthews (Nicolas Cage) is thrust into a bizarre predicament when millions of strangers inexplicably begin seeing him in their dreams. As Paul’s newfound fame takes a nightmarish turn, he must navigate the chaos of his unexpected stardom. With uproarious wit and wickedly entertaining twists, the film hilariously explores the absurdities of the unpredictability of life, with Nicolas Cage delivering a captivating performance, propelling audiences through a rollercoaster of laughs and surprises in this comedic adventure.


Kristoffer Borgli, a Norwegian filmmaker now based in the US, has been making waves with his fresh storytelling and visually captivating style in recent years. Mixing comedy, drama, and surrealism in his short films, he’s gained attention for delving into themes of identity and the quirks of modern life in a delightfully playful manner. Among his notable shorts are “Former Cult Member Hears Music for the First Time” is a poignant short film that intricately delves into the profound journey of a former cult member as he encounters the liberating power of music for the first time. He also had success with the Norwegian language, Sick of Myself, where we follow the journey of a disillusioned protagonist as he navigates the complexities of modern life. Now, his first English-language feature and our Fopp film of the month for March, Dream Scenario, signals Borgli’s debut in English-language features, a major milestone for the filmmaker. As he continues to evolve as an artist, his work promises to inspire, entertain, and challenge viewers, solidifying his place as a dynamic force in contemporary cinema.

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