film of the month – How To Have Sex

director:Molly Manning Walker
title:How to have sex
released:12th February 2024


This summer was meant to be unforgettable. Tara, Skye, and Em land in Malia, the iconic Greek party haven, ready for the ultimate teenage getaway marking the threshold of adulthood. Tara, the final virgin in their group, is determined to change her status, with her fearless friends by her side, stirring up chaos along the way. Amidst the pulsating beats and neon lights of the strip, the 16-year-old dives headfirst into the whirlwind of messy bars and gritty nightclubs. It’s amidst this vibrant backdrop that she encounters a pair of boys on a neighboring hotel balcony, igniting hopes for a summer of lasting memories.
How To Have Sex intricately explores the nuances of sex, friendship, and consent against the backdrop of a sun-drenched, alcohol-infused holiday. With meticulous attention to detail and a compassionate approach, the narrative vividly captures the exhilarating yet bittersweet journey into young adulthood.


Molly Manning Walker’s journey into the world of filmmaking began with her graduation from the esteemed NFTS Cinematography course in 2019, where she honed her skills and developed her unique artistic vision. Following her formal education, she wasted no time making her mark in the industry. Her debut short film, ‘Good Thanks, You?’, produced in collaboration with DMC and Try Hard Films, immediately caught the attention of critics and audiences alike. Its inclusion in the Semaine De La Critique program at Cannes served as a testament to the quality and impact of Manning Walker’s work. The film showcased her talent for storytelling and her ability to capture the essence of human experiences on screen.  Building on the success of her short film, Manning Walker has embarked on her journey into feature filmmaking with How To Have Sex. This debut feature has not only solidified her reputation as a promising director but also earned her the prestigious Next Step prize at Cannes for its compelling script. The film’s recognition at such a renowned festival has underscored Manning Walker’s emergence as a formidable talent in the industry. 

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