Gold Panda – Good Luck & Do Your Best

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Without lyrics, instrumental music sometimes has to work harder to conjure up a world in the mind of the listener. Electronic music seems especially suited to this task, though, whether it sets out, like Boards Of Canada or Tim Hecker, to chronicle a ...Read More

Brian Eno – The Ship

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The casual listener might associate Brian Eno’s ambient work with the beatific, blissed-out stillness of 1978’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports; and yet, there’s always been a darker current running through the conceptual pioneer’s work. Take 1 ...Read More

The Jayhawks – Paging Mr. Proust

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Though they haven't ventured as close to the left-field as their compadres Wilco, Minneapolis’ Jayhawks have been on a similar journey from country-rock to more exotic climes. After perfecting their exquisite alt-country on 1992’s Hollywood Town ...Read More

Charles Bradley – Changes

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Back-stories don’t come much better than Charles Bradley’s: a cook and sometime James Brown impersonator, billing himself as ‘Black Velvet’, Bradley, was finally discovered by Daptone’s Gabriel Roth. The ensuing No Time For Dreaming (2011) ...Read More