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green room: review

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Blue Ruin, the previous film from writer-director Jeremy Saulnier, was a grubby, low-key revenge drama that showcased not only Saulnier’s love for genre films but also his ingenuity working with a miniscule budget. For The Green Room, he stays deep ...Read More

janis: little girl blue – review

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Janis Joplin has been poorly served by the movies. There have been several failed attempts at biopics, involving Renée Zellweger, Pink, Zooey Deschanel, Brittany Murphy and Amy Adams, and only one substantial documentary – 1974’s Janis – until ...Read More

a war: review

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Among many recent conflicts, movies have been slow to respond to the war in Afghanistan. There have been two notable exceptions – The Patrol and Kajaki: The True Story, both of which have followed British soldiers stationed in Helmand Province. A W ...Read More

room: review

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In April, 2008, a 42 year-old woman named Elisabeth Fritzl revealed to police that she had been held captive by her father in a concealed basement in the family’s home in Amstetten, Austria. In Room, Joy (Brie Larson) has been similarly imprisoned ...Read More

hitchcock/truffaut: review

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In 1966, Francois Truffaut published a series of interviews with Alfred Hitchcock about his career. It became a seminal text among not only the French New Wavers but also the generation of American filmmakers that followed – Martin Scorsese, Paul S ...Read More