roots manuva – bleeds

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album of the month roots manuva - bleeds Not only one of Britain’s greatest musical artists, but one of the greatest lyricists full stop, Roots Manuva AKA Rodney Smith is back with a dazzling new album, Bleeds. Past collaborations with every ...Read More

guy garvey – courting the squall

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Guy Garvey - Courting The Squall As Elbow’s career has flourished, their songs have got grander and their arrangements increasingly lush. Creating such well-crafted artefacts has sometimes lead to a lack of spontaneity, though, and that’s some ...Read More

john grant – grey tickles, black pressure

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John Grant - Grey Tickles, Black Pressure A few years back, John Grant embraced his electronic side and relocated to Iceland. His resulting second album, 2013’s Pale Green Ghosts, was an eclectic triumph, ranging from the sarcastic, languid stun ...Read More