Goat – Requiem

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World Music, the 2012 debut by Sweden’s Goat, was almost too perfect, brilliantly condensing de-sert blues, psychedelia, heavy metal and folk into nine tribal, pulsing nuggets. How to follow up such a strong, conceptually pristine record, then, ...Read More

Bon Iver – 22, A Million

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Blame Kid A if you like, but as the millennium has proceeded, it’s become more acceptable for art-ists to make stylistic hard-turns. Justin Vernon, AKA Bon Iver, has embraced this new freedom more than most artists. If his 2007 debut, For Emma, ...Read More

summertime: review

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Director Catherine Corsini’s romance is set during the early 1970s feminist movement in France. The focus is on Delphine (Izïa Higelin), a young farmer’s daughter, and Carole (Cécile de France), a slightly older Parisian teacher, and the confli ...Read More

embrace of the serpent: review

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In 1909, a young shaman (Nilbio Torres) in the Colombian Amazon helps a sick German ethnographer (Jan Bijvoet) and his local guide (Miguel Dionisio Ramos) search for a rare healing plant, the Yakruna flower. Many years later, an American botanist (Br ...Read More

Wilco – Schmilco

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For a sprawling six-piece, Wilco sure make a quiet noise on this, their 10th album. The other side of the coin to last year’s shock-released Star Wars album, Schmilco is hushed where that was noisy, and subtle where its predecessor was brash. Both ...Read More