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Belle & Sebastian How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3

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nils frahm

Belle & Sebastian How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3

loving vincent

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Belle & Sebastian How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3

For this collection, originally released recently as three EPs, Stuart Murdoch and co recorded in Glasgow, visiting different studios and... read more

field music open here

In the decade and a half since Field Music formed, multi-instrumentalists Peter and David Brewis have gradually built up a... read more

Nils Frahm All Melody

Legend has it that The Beatles spent 24 hours without a break deciding on the tracklisting for the White Album... read more

Tune-Yards I Can feel You Creep Into My Private Life

Across her three albums to date, Merrill Garbus has tracked an out-there path through a host of musical influences: her... read more

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The Party

Filmmaker Sally Potter’s latest foregrounds a number of First World Problems that present themselves during a dinner party in an upmarket London home. This is Notting Hell, perhaps? Kristin Scott Thomas, the newly appointed Shadow Health Minister who is hosting a soiree in the house she shares with her husband,... read more

Happy Death Day

Groundhog Day with a bodycount, Happy Death Day charts the troubling experiences of a college student, Theresa ‘Tree’ Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), who finds herself in a time loop, forced to relive her own brutal murder until she has discovered the true identity of her killer. Like the Final Destination films,... read more

Most Beautiful Island

The work of Spanish actor Ana Asensio, who writes, stars, directs and produces, Most Beautiful Island explores the lot of multicultural strivers in contemporary New York. Asensio plays Luciana, who is making her way, hand-to-mouth, in a new city. The first half plays like a semi-documentary about the immigrant experience:... read more

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