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Fopp’s Picks

July 2024

July is here, and we’re excited to share our top picks for this month’s releases

clairo – charm

release: 12th july 2024
available on ltd. purple vinyl / standard black vinyl / cd


American indie-pop luminary Clairo returns with her third album, ‘Charm’, co-produced by Leon Michels (The Dap-Kings, El Michels Affair). Evoking balmy summer evenings and intimate conversations in plush settings, ‘Charm’ features warm, ’70s-inspired grooves that seamlessly blend jazz, psychedelic folk, and soul. This collection showcases Clairo’s growth as an artist, with each track offering a rich, nostalgic sound that transports listeners to a bygone era. The album’s lush instrumentation and smooth melodies provide the perfect backdrop for Clairo’s evocative lyrics and mellow vocals, capturing her artistic evolution beautifully.

griff – vertigo

release: 12th july 2024
available on ltd. edition clear vinyl /petrol green vinyl / cd


Before Griff’s debut album had a name – or its titular first single, even – it had a feeling: vertigo. That pit-of-your-stomach, up-is-down sense that the world is spinning faster than you can keep up with, and your own place in it has never felt less secure. It’s a journey of self-discovery that Griff has taken fans on ever since, building the three volumes of her landmark project in real-time and weaving songs that resonated with the vertigo arc into work that moves through melancholy and heartache into healing and joy.

cat burns – early twenties

release: 12th july 2024
available on ltd. edition green vinyl / standard vinyl / cd


Multi-BRIT-nominated, double-platinum-selling South London artist Cat Burns cements her position as one of the UK’s most exciting singer/songwriters with her debut album, ‘early twenties’. Release on 12th July 2024, ‘early twenties’ is a love letter to her community and explores the complexities and emotions surrounding this era of adulthood. Filled with Cat’s honest and diaristic storytelling, her debut album is a warm and relatable listen for Gen Z or those nostalgic for their formative adult years. Cat Burns represents and is leading the charge of young, Black British queer creatives cutting through culture today.

glass animals – I Love You So F***ing Much

release: 19th july 2024
available on ltd. Edition Black White Splatter vinyl / standard vinyl / cd


British indie-pop sensations Glass Animals return with their new album, ‘I Love You So F***ing Much’. Since their formation in 2010, the band has steadily gained a passionate global following, known for their innovative approach to music and electrifying live performances. Their debut album, ‘Zaba’, introduced audiences to their unique blend of indie pop and electronic sounds, while their sophomore effort, ‘How to Be a Human Being’, showcased their storytelling prowess and sonic experimentation. With ‘I Love You So Fing Much’, Glass Animals continue to push boundaries, delivering an album that reflects their artistic evolution and enduring appeal.

salute – true magic

release: 12th july 2024
available on 2lp vinyl / cd


Following a stellar year of packed out shows across the globe and scorcher hits from their recent ‘Shield’ EP, salute is set to release their much anticipated album ‘True Magic’ in July 2024 on Ninja Tune. Taking a more collaborative approach, the album features vocals and production from a groundbreaking array of artists such as Rina Sawayama, piri, Empress Of, Disclosure, Karma Kid, Sam Gellaitry, Lea Sean, LEILAH & Nakamura Minami.

empire of the sun – ask that god

release: 26th july 2024
available on 2lp vinyl / cd


Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun return with their new album, ‘Ask That God’. Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with their debut album, ‘Walking on a Dream’, the duo has captivated audiences worldwide with their flamboyant visuals and ethereal soundscapes. Their follow-up albums, ‘Ice on the Dune’ and ‘Two Vines’, solidified their reputation for crafting lush, otherworldly music that transports listeners to fantastical realms. With ‘Ask That God’, Empire of the Sun continue their journey of musical exploration, offering a new chapter in their storied career that is sure to enchant fans old and new.

kokoko! – butu

release: 5th july 2024
available on transparent red vinyl / cd


KOKOKO! the collective renowned for its daring sound, experimentations, rolling rhythms, stabbing melodies and powerful live shows, comes back with a more electronic, upbeat sound, inspired by the nights of Kinshasa – DR Congo. ‘BUTU’ means ‘the night’ in Lingala. The album’s idea is a deep and intense dive into the night of Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, a noisy 17 million strong, chaotic and amazing city.

liana flores – Flower of the Soul

release: 12th july 2024
available on fruit punch coloured vinyl / standard vinyl / cd


Liana Flores is a London-based English-Brazilian singer-songwriter influenced by Bossa Nova, ’60s British folk, and the Romantic poets, calling to mind artists from Nick Drake and Astrud Gilberto to contemporaries like Laufey and Faye Webster. With her music, Liana aims to open a window to the sublime in the everyday, simplicity, emotional candor, and the rhythms of the seasons – inviting each listener into what she describes as a ‘fantastical realm’. Liana appears now with her debut album ‘Flower of the soul’, an 11-track collection of vignettes that illustrate co-existent playfulness and sincerity, the suggestion of ephemerality; the consonance of soul, and soil, too. Throughout the album, love wanders from the romantic to the ecospiritual on tracks like ‘Nightvisions’, to the Bossa-inspired ‘I wish for the rain’ and saudade ‘Now and then’, before finding a moment of clarity with ‘Butterflies (feat. Tim Bernardes)’.

deep purple – =1

release: 19th july 2024
available on crystal clear double vinyl / purple double vinyl / super deluxe box set / standard double  vinyl / cd+dvd / cd


‘=1’ is the highly anticipated 2024 album by one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Deep Purple. Produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, this record captures the band’s pioneering classic sound without relying on nostalgia, embodying the essence and attitude of their 1970s incarnation possibly more than any other recent album. The enigmatic title ‘=1’ symbolises the idea that in a world growing ever more complex, everything eventually simplifies down to a single, unified essence. It all adds up to one. With three consecutive No.1 albums in their back pocket and a new energy powering them forward, ‘=1’ represents Deep Purple at their pinnacle. This 2LP edition includes 13 brand-new tracks and features a rich 12-page vinyl-sized booklet and relief spot varnish.

marc almond – i’m not anyone

release: 12th july 2024
available on vinyl / cd


Alongside his status as one of the best songwriters of his generation, both in his solo career and as a member of the hugely influential Soft Cell, Marc Almond has built a reputation for being one of music’s greatest exponents of the art of the cover version. For his latest solo outing ‘I’m Not Anyone’ Marc has done it again, with a deeply impressive suite of impeccably chosen interpretations of gems from the likes of Don McLean, King Crimson, Paul Anka, Colin Blunstone and Mahalia Jackson.  Brought together on ‘I’m Not Anyone’, the 11-strong song cycle makes for a unified, soulful experience, with a deep emotional resonance.

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