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Fopp’s Picks

June 2024

June is here, and we’re excited to share our top picks for this month’s releases

charli xcx – brat

release: 7th june 2024
available on ltd. pink splatter vinyl / translucent black vinyl / cd


‘brat’ is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2022’s ‘crash’, which reached number 1 on the uk’s official album chart, and promises to be an exhilarating club record built around high art references and social commentary. avant-pop and electronic superstar charli xcx has become an iconic figure in the arts, having helped expand the landscape of popular music over the last decade by seamlessly traversing the underground and mainstream with her artistic output. over the course of a trailblazing career, the multi-hyphenate creative has earned critical acclaim for her innovative style and entrepreneurial spirit and seen her forward-thinking approach reshape pop culture in the process.

peggy gou – i hear you

release: 7th june 2024
available on ltd. blue vinyl / picture disc vinyl / cd


artist, producer, dj and cultural trailblazer peggy gou announces details of her long-awaited debut album. ‘i hear you’ is one of the most hotly-anticipated debut records in recent years and will be released in june 2024 via xl recordings. the ten track album is the culmination of years of work for the korean-born artist, who’s uniquely revered as both an underground icon and global sensation, sticking by her own unwavering vision to become one of the most in-demand electronic music artists and dj’s in the world. featuring previous singles, the 2023 chart-topping global hit ‘(it goes like) nanana’ and her lenny kravitz collaboration ‘i believe in love again’, the lp sees gou stepping into the next level of her artistry and boldly claiming her voice through the kaleidoscopic lens of ’90s house music.

aurora – what happened to the heart?

release: 7th june 2024
available on ltd. double clear vinyl / standard double vinyl / cd


norwegian alt-pop superstar aurora announces her fourth studio album ‘what happened to the heart?’, released on june 14th 2024. ‘what happened to the heart?’ is a journey from weakness to strength, from self-destruction to self-healing. a poignant and introspective musical journey that explores the loss of spiritual connection in modern society, the healing power of vulnerability, and the call to ignite change through reuniting the heart with politics and personal growth. working with a selection of incredible producers, ‘what happened to the heart?’ promises to cement aurora as an artist like no other.

kate nash – what happened to the heart?

release: 21st june 2024
available on ltd. double clear vinyl / standard double vinyl / cd


‘9 sad symphonies’ is kate nash’s debut studio album with the iconic kill rock stars label, produced and mixed by grammy-winning danish producer frederik thaae (k flay, jada, crown the empire). this album marks a significant new chapter in kate’s career. its lyrical content is deeply personal and relatable, while the orchestral arrangements and melodies reflect her background in musical theatre. combining her unique voice with thaae’s production expertise, ‘9 sad symphonies’ showcases nash’s evolution as an artist, offering an emotional and musical experience that resonates profoundly with listeners.

john grant – the art of the lie

release: 14th june 2024
available on ltd. tri-colour vinyl / cd


following the runaway success of his last lp, ‘boy from michigan’, which crashed the uk top 10 back in july 2021, legendary singer-songwriter john grant returns with his hugely-anticipated sixth album, ‘the art of the lie’. the 2024 album is grant’s most opulent, cinematic, luxurious album yet and confirms grant’s status as a modern electronic auteur. grant likens the musical flavours of ‘the art of the lie’ to the sumptuous vangelis soundtrack for bladerunner or the carpenters if john carpenter were also a member. while undeniably a john grant record, nestling humour into tragedy, bleeding anger into compassion, there is a musical ambition and nerve to ‘the art of the lie’ which offsets its most political and personal moments.

kneecap – fine art

release: 14th june 2024
available on ltd. tri-colour vinyl / cd


When Mo Chara, Moglai Bap and DJ Provai – aka Belfast’s finest Kneecap – entered the studio with producer Toddla T in the summer of 2023, they quickly decided to scrap everything they had already prepared for the album they were about to record. Instead, they decided to build a pub together. Although the pub is currently just a figment of the band’s imagination, all of the action on Kneecap’s exhilarating first album – ‘Fine Art’ – takes place in The Rutz. Like the band themselves, ‘Fine Art’ is fiercely intelligent, consistently hilarious and genuinely thought provoking. It’s genius is to immerse you in a world thus far unrepresented in modern music.

goat girl – below the waste

release: 14th june 2024
available on ltd. pink vinyl / cd


Goat Girl – Lottie Pendlebury (she/her), Rosy Jones (they/them) and Holly Mullineaux (she/her) are excited to announce their third album “Below The Waste”. The album was co–produced by the band & John Spud Murphy (Lankum & black midi). Pieced together like a collage over an extended period of time, the instrumentation was tracked mostly over a ten-day stint in Ireland at Hellfire Studios, in the shadow of the infamous Hellfire Club itself. They also used Damon Albans, Studio 13. Additional strings (Reuben Kyriakides and Nic Pendlebury), woodwind instruments (Alex McKenzie) and vocals (including a choir made up of family and friends) were added to this framework at a number of locations, from a barn in Essex to Goat Girl’s own studio in South London.

John Cale – POPtical Illusion

release: 14th june 2024
available on double vinyl / cd


Despite the album’s playful title, Cale’s second album in just over a year still contains the same feelings of fierce and inquisitive rage that were present in 2023 album ‘MERCY’. He remains angry, still incensed by the willful destruction that unchecked capitalists and unrepentant conmen have hoisted upon the wonders of this world and the goodness of its people. But this is not at all MERCY II, or some collection of castoffs, as throughout his career of more than six decades, Cale has never been much for repetition. His vanguard-shaping enthusiasms have shifted among ecstatic classicism and unbound rock, classic songcraft and electronic reimagination with proud restlessness.

Local Natives – BUT I’LL WAIT for YOU

release: 28th june 2024
available on vinyl / cd


Torchbearers of the Southern California band sound, Local Natives first drew attention in 2009 when their debut album, ‘Gorilla manor’, grabbed fans with its vibrant mix of kinetic, complex rhythms and soaring harmonies. The album drew praise for its enthusiastic balance of post-punk urgency and evocative lyricism. In 2013, the group expanded upon that sound, exploring a darker, more introspective aesthetic on their follow-up, ‘Hummingbird’ (produced by Aaron Dessner of The National). Their third album, ‘Sunlit Youth’, arrived in the summer of 2016 via Infectious and Loma Vista Recordings. Its globe trotting writing process found the group experimenting with production techniques and expanding their palette of entrustments. The classic studio setting is juxtaposed on Local Natives’ fourth full-length, ‘Violet Street’ [Loma Vista Recordings] with modern production and visuals to form a timeless album. The band’s fifth project ‘Time Will Wait For No One’ [Loma Vista Recordings] serves as a harmonious return to their roots. Their sixth album, ‘But I’ll Wait For You’, is a companion piece to the album prior to it.

Alcest – Les Chants De I’aurore

release: 21st june 2024
available on yellow vinyl / picture disc vinyl / yellow marble double vinyl / cd


The release of Alcest’s debut album ‘Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde’ in 2007 blazed a unique trail through the underground metal world, eliciting high praise and feverish condemnation in equal amounts. Ostensibly a black metal project, Neige’s crew gifted an entirely new perspective to the black metal scene: wherein beauty, fragility, melody and positive vibrations co-exist with the fast, furious aesthetic of true extreme metal. Almost instantaneously influential, Alcest were able to steadily establish themselves as a unique force, both with a series of acclaimed albums and a sturdy reputation as a transcendent live act. ‘Les Chants de L’Aurore’ draws inspiration from the spiritual childhood experiences that have shaped founder and multi-instrumentalist Neige, both as a musician and a human being. A liberated nosedive into the very notion of consciousness and the layered mists of reality, the seventh Alcest album amounts to a euphoric homecoming.

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