Film of the Month – Godland

Director:Hlynur Pálmason
Title: Godland
Released: 3rd July 2023

film synopsis

Lutheran priest Lucas, played by the spirited Elliott Crosset Hove, embarks on a daring quest assigned by the stoic Church of Denmark. His mission? To forge a divine outpost amidst the desolate expanse of Iceland’s wild frontier. Brimming with foolhardy determination, he opts for an arduous cross-country journey, much to the chagrin of his exasperated guide and future neighbor, the no-nonsense Ragnar, played by the enigmatic Ingvar Sigurðsson.
The locals however, have other ideas. They prove to be a stubborn bunch, unyielding to Lucas’ spiritual advances. And as the days stretch on, an unsettling truth dawns upon our bewildered protagonist—he is but a mere visitor in this untamed wilderness. The beauty and indifference of the natural world envelop him, leaving him both in awe and disconcerted. Lucas, ever the seeker, recognizes that language becomes a barrier, an insurmountable wall between him and his prospective congregation.
Witness as Lucas grapples with the unraveling threads of his own faith, standing at the precipice of self-discovery and questioning the very fabric of his mission. This, my friends, is a tale that transcends the confines of a mere religious parable—it is a testament to the struggle of the soul, set against the backdrop of an untamed world.

the director

Hlynur Pálmason, a visionary artist and filmmaker hailing from Iceland, born in 1984. His creative journey commenced as a visual artist, laying the foundation for a remarkable trajectory in the world of cinema. Fueling his passion, he pursued an education at the prestigious Danish National Film School, honing his craft and expanding his artistic repertoire. Pálmason’s films often explore deep and complex themes, delving into the intricacies of human nature, relationships, and the human condition. Characterized by their atmospheric visuals, meticulous attention to detail, and evocative storytelling techniques. His unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects through striking imagery and powerful performances has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following.
His acclaimed A White, White Day (2019) cemented his reputation as a filmmaker with an eye for striking details. With Godland, he goes further, creating a world of transcendent beauty that is nevertheless unforgiving to those who attempt to live in it. The solemnity of the filmmaker’s style matches his story. It is framed within a square Academy ratio with rounded-off corners which, rather than revelling in the vastness of this open landscape, increases the uneasiness one can feel in a world with no visible boundaries.

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