Film of the Month – One Fine Morning

Director: Mia Hansen-Løve
Title: One Fine Morning
Released: 8th August 2023

film synopsis

In Sandra’s life, she epitomises unwavering devotion as a young mother tending to her daughter single-handedly, while shouldering the arduous responsibility of caring for her ailing father. Amidst the struggles and tenacious efforts, destiny intervenes, rekindling an unexpected connection with Clément, an erstwhile friend who had long been absent from her life. A clandestine passion ensues between the two, their hearts becoming tangled in a web of desire. Sandra’s journey navigates the delicate threads of love and responsibility that leave us pondering the complexities of human relationships and the unpredictable paths that life unravels before us.

the director

Mia Hansen-Løve’s cinematic journey began at an early age, with an appearance in Olivier Assayas’ “Late August, Early September” (1998), igniting a passion that would eventually lead her to direct her debut short film, “Après mûre réflexion” (After Thought), in 2003. In 2007, her audacious feature film debut “All Is Forgiven” (Tout est pardonné) garnered both acclaim and a coveted César Award nomination for Best First Feature Film. Subsequent offerings, including “The Father of My Children” (Le père de mes enfants) in 2009 and “Goodbye First Love” (Un amour de jeunesse) in 2011, further solidified her reputation as a formidable storyteller. The year 2014 saw the release of “Eden” a remarkable achievement weaving a semi-autobiographical narrative inspired by her brother’s experiences within the French electronic music scene of the ’90s and ’00s. The film’s authenticity and thematic depth resonated powerfully with both critics and audiences alike.
In more recent years, Hansen-Løve continued to garner critical acclaim through “Things to Come” (L’Avenir) in 2016, followed by “Maya” in 2018. This drama delves into the psyche of a war reporter navigating the aftermath of harrowing experiences in conflict zones. In 2020, she helmed “Bergman Island” featuring Mia Wasikowska and Tim Roth. Set on the scenic Swedish island of Fårö, the film pays tribute to the iconic Ingmar Bergman and delves into the intricate lives of a filmmaking couple grappling with personal and creative tribulations. And now, with One Fine Morning, Hansen-Løve is continuing to captivate audiences with her adept and compassionate storytelling.

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