Album of the Year – Sufjan Stevens

Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Title: Javelin
Released: 6th October 2023
Sufjan Stevens, the musical chameleon, eludes easy categorization as he continually evolves through his diverse albums. Starting with early creations like “A Sun Came” and embarking on the ambitious “50 States Project” with standout entries like “Michigan” and “Illinois”, Stevens seamlessly fuses historical narratives with intricate orchestration.
in his latest release and our fopp album of the year, “javelin”, stevens takes us on an intimate and emotionally charged journey. each track begins delicately, with acoustic guitar, piano, and captivating arpeggios. stevens’ signature voice, soft yet resolute, weaves it all together. The album marries musical grandeur with emotional depth, condensing a lifetime of feelings into 42 minutes. Baring his soul and offering poignant glimpses of his own life experiences, Stevens invites us to connect with our own emotions. “javelin” reaffirms him as a musical luminary, guiding us to explore our humanity through his artistry. 

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