Album of the Month – The Damned

Artist: The Damned
Title: Darkadelic
Released: 28th April 2023
For over four decades, The Damned have epitomised defiance within the music industry, consistently challenging norms with unmatched ferocity and passion. Emerging from the British punk scene of the late 70s, they immediately distinguished themselves with superior musicianship and showmanship, led by frontman Dave Vanian. Vanian’s iconic presence, characterised by a towering pompadour and gothic sensibility, along with his rich baritone voice, set the band apart in a genre accustomed to shouting and sneering. Their live performances, legendary for chaos and unpredictability, showcased intense moments with Vanian often donning full vampire regalia and guitarist Captain Sensible accompanying with his trademark attire. Musically, The Damned’s driving rhythms, jagged guitars, and lyrically diverse themes ranging from politics to social injustice established them as pioneers within punk rock.
Despite revelling in punk rock sloppiness, The Damned never sacrificed craftmanship, evident in early albums like Damned Damned Damned and Music for Pleasure, which demonstrated a deep understanding of melody and song structure. As the band evolved, incorporating elements of goth, new wave, and psychedelia into their sound, they maintained allegiance to their punk roots. Their enduring relevance and longevity, a rarity among their peers, underscores their status as icons of the genre. Now, 46 years since their groundbreaking debut, The Damned return with Darkadelic, their 12th studio album, laden with classic horror movie references and nods to 60s London, Darkadelic is a testament to The Damned’s continued innovation.
Darkadelic is out now on cd & lp!

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