Album of the Month – Squid

Artist: Squid
Title: O Monolith
Released: 9th June 2023
Squid, the enigmatic ensemble from Brighton, stands as a captivating anomaly within Britain’s rich musical tapestry. Since their inception in 2015, they’ve captivated audiences with their audacious blend of post-punk, art-rock, and a myriad of other influences that defy easy classification. With a fervent dedication to experimentation and an irrepressible desire to break free from genre constraints, Squid has carved out a distinct sonic identity that is uniquely their own.
Their journey to prominence reached a zenith with the release of their EPs, Lino and Town Centre, where Squid showcased their bold vision and unwavering commitment to sonic exploration. These releases pulsated with energy, featuring frenetic rhythms, jagged guitar riffs, and the acrobatic vocal delivery of Ollie Judge. But it was their debut album, Bright Green Field, that truly solidified their status as musical innovators. This sprawling album unfolds like a vivid dreamscape, weaving intricate compositions that delve into the complexities of societal and environmental issues. Their audaciousness lies not only in their musical prowess but also in their willingness to challenge artistic norms, resulting in an oeuvre that is as challenging as it is captivating. And with their brand new album, O Monolith they continue to surprise and intrigue, delving into themes of environment, domesticity, and self-made folklore with a warmth and character that further cements their place as one of Britain’s most exciting bands.
O Monolith is out on CD and LP June 9th!

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