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City Slang

Celebrate 30 years of this cult label with Fopp!

In the vast wasteland of corporate music, where soulless conglomerates dictate the sonic landscape, City Slang emerges as a defiant force, wielding a mighty sword of authenticity and unyielding creativity. Founded in the gritty streets of Berlin back in 1990, this independent label has been a sanctuary for true artists, a haven where musical mavericks can unleash their unfiltered vision upon the world. With over three decades of existence, City Slang has transcended mere record label status to become a sacred institution of musical rebellion.
Unlike the corporate overlords who crush artistic freedom under the weight of their commercial agenda, they embrace the untamed spirit of its musicians. It’s a place where experimentation reigns supreme, where artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of their craft and explore the depths of their creative souls. The result? Albums that are raw, uncompromising, and unapologetically real. In an era where digitalization threatens to completely commodify music, City Slang has risen above the fray, embracing the very technologies that threaten to suffocate artistic expression. They’ve harnessed the power of the internet, leveraging digital distribution and streaming platforms to reach new ears, to infiltrate the lives of unsuspecting souls seeking something more. It’s a delicate dance, but they’ve has twirled through the chaos and emerged triumphant, armed with the knowledge that true rebellion cannot be tamed. It is a haven for the misfits, the dreamers, and the believers in a higher power of sound. All Hail City Slang.
We’re offering a wide range of their roster on both CD and LP at reduced prices, let’s take a look at a few of the bands in the offer…



They emerged from the dry, scorched earth of Tucson, Arizona, back in ’96, carving their own damn path in the wilderness of music. Joey Burns and John Convertino, the minds behind this sonic concoction, blended genres like mad scientists, conjuring a musical elixir that defies classification. Americana, alt-country, mariachi, and desert rock collided in a swirling tornado of sound, leaving audiences spellbound and yearning for more. They’re like musical archaeologists, digging deep into the cultural tapestry of the American Southwest. They harness the spirits of the land, channeling the essence of dusty trails, sun-soaked landscapes, and wild, untamed hearts. There’s this undeniable nostalgia in their music, a longing for simpler times, for the raw beauty of the untamed wilderness. It’s as if they’ve tapped into the collective memory of the land itself, translating it into notes and rhythms that reverberate in our souls.


The brainchild of Canada’s own sonic maestro Dan Snaith, it’s a wild ride that defies the shackles of genres and obliterates the boundaries of sonic exploration. For over two damn decades, Caribou has been a force of pure innovation, an electronic enigma that takes you to places you never knew existed. he’s like a mad scientist of sound, concocting this sonic elixir that’s equal parts organic and synthetic. He’s not content with the status quo. No, he takes the electronic landscape and turns it on its goddamn head. His music is a kaleidoscope of textures and melodies, a symphony of pulsating beats and ethereal harmonies. It’s a journey through sonic dimensions, where the lines between reality and imagination blur. Snaith’s commitment to pushing the limits of electronic music has earned him critical acclaim and a devoted following. Caribou’s music is a reminder that art is meant to challenge, to provoke, and to take us on journeys we never thought possible.

Lamb Chop

Hailing from the depths of Nashville, Tennessee, these guys are on a whole other level. Kurt Wagner, the mastermind behind it all, guides this sonic ship into uncharted territories, effortlessly blending folk, soul, jazz, and experimental sounds into a kaleidoscope of auditory bliss. Since the ’90s, Lambchop has been on a relentless quest for sonic evolution. They’re here to tear down the walls and leave you in awe. One moment you’re enveloped in the warm embrace of folk-tinged ballads, the next you’re spiraling through the depths of soulful grooves, and before you know it, you’re caught in a whirlwind of experimental sonic landscapes. Wagner’s deep baritone vocals pierce through the ether, accompanied by lyrics that are introspective and downright poetic. Like he’s channeling the very essence of the human soul. Lambchop’s impact on the alternative music scene cannot be overstated, their willingness to defy expectations, to embrace sonic exploration, has inspired legions of fans and other musicians.

Los Bitchos

Los Bitchos, they’ve tearing up the UK music scene with their infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies, like a whirlwind of psychedelic cumbia and surf rock that leaves you breathless. Hailing from London, these cats have created a sonic concoction that’s as addictive as it is exhilarating. Since their formation in 2017, Los Bitchos have been on a mission to defy expectations and blur musical boundaries. Drawing inspiration from Latin American cumbia, Western surf rock, and the mind-bending world of psychedelia, they’ve crafted a sound that’s truly their own, where irresistible grooves meet intricate guitar melodies, and the spirit of groove reigns supreme. With their fusion of cultural influences and their ability to create music that speaks to the soul, they’ve captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their songs are a universal language of rhythm and joy, transcending borders and connecting people through the power of music.


Tindersticks, the magnificent indie rock ensemble hailing from the heart of Nottingham, England, emerged in 1991, and since then, they’ve been capturing the hearts of critics and fans alike with their soul-stirring concoction of chamber pop, soul, and orchestral arrangements. Lead singer Stuart A. Staples, with his distinctive baritone vocals, adds an extra layer of allure to their mesmerizing melodies. Their music, a poignant tapestry of melancholy and atmospheric soundscapes, weaves together influences from jazz, blues, and folk, resulting in a sonic experience that transcends boundaries. It’s a symphony of emotions, tenderly crafted and carried by an ensemble of instruments that spans violins, cellos, horns, and keyboards. With each note, Tindersticks conjure a world both luscious and cinematic, drawing listeners into their sonic universe. 

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