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Second Sight specialises in classic and cult film and TV series from around the world. Since 1994, Second Sight have built a reputation for the quality of their releases which often includes restorations, interviews, commentaries, special packaging and more.

Our stores are now stacked with a great selection of films from Second Sight, see some of our choice cuts below, along with the full list of films.


“An unsung masterpiece; the film that prefigures everything that’s in Antichrist” Mark Kermode

With their marriage in pieces Anna and Mark’s tense relationship has become a psychotic descent into screaming matches, violence and self-mutilation. Believing his wife’s only lover is the sinister Heinrich, Mark is unaware of the demonic, tentacled creature that Anna has hidden away for liaisons in a deserted apartment and will stop at nothing to protect.

Written and directed by Andrzej Żuławski, Possession is a deeply unsettling experience, aided by the horrific special effects of the great Carlo Rambaldi (Deep Red, Close Encounters, Alien).

The film, though banned on video, was nominated for a BAFTA and the Palme d’Or and Adjani’s astonishing performance earned her Best Actress awards at the Cannes Film Festival and the French César.

Streets Of Fire

Big time rock singer Ellen Aim is playing her hometown when she’s grabbed from the stage by local bike gang The Bombers, led by the menacing Raven.

Tom Cody, a tough ex-soldier and Ellen’s ex-boyfriend, returns home to get her back and he’s ready to take on the whole gang.

Assault On Precinct 13

An LA gang’s revenge-fuelled killing spree leads them to a half-abandoned police station in the throws of closing down. Under siege with power and phone lines cut, a lone cop and his skeleton staff recruit a condemned killer from the cells in a desperate battle to survive the night.

As the gang close in the tension escalates to boiling point in John Carpenter’s brutal and unrelenting cult classic.

Ghost Story

Four elderly, affluent friends form The Chowder Society, meeting regularly to drink brandy, smoke cigars and share chilling ghost stories.

Following the suspicious death of one of the member’s sons and the subsequent apparition of a mysterious young woman, the old friends are forced to confront a terrible secret from their past. What follows is the most terrifying ghost story of all, one in which they have all played a part.

Betty Blue

Laid-back handyman Zorg spends his time doing odd jobs on beach-front bungalows, making chilli and harbouring dreams of becoming a writer.

His life is turned upside down with the arrival of the beautiful but volatile Betty. They begin a romance fuelled by intense passion but as Betty turns increasingly violent and self-destructive, Zorg tries desperately to halt her slide into insanity.


Southern Comfort

A routine training exercise in the Louisiana bayou becomes an all too real war of attrition when a unit of brash National Guardsmen unwittingly upset a group of local Cajun hunters.

Lost in unknown territory and armed with little more than blank ammo, the weekend soldiers face a terrifying battle for survival against an unforgiving enemy hidden deep in the heart of the swampland.

Christiane F

Christiane, lonely and alienated, lives with her divorced mother. When a school friend takes her to a club where her hero David Bowie plays, she finds herself in another world, one she is desperate to be a part of.

In her new environment drugs are commonplace, and though frightened, her fears of rejection are greater. She begins with valium, then LSD, until ultimately she discovers heroin. Soon addicted, she turns to prostitution to support her habit. Christiane is 14.

Heaven's Gate

Based on the infamous Johnson County War of 1892, Michael Cimino’s epic western is now hailed as a masterpiece of American cinema and is presented here in its newly restored and definitive director’s cut.

Harvard graduate James Averill has returned to Wyoming as a Marshall and is facing a county with growing divisions and escalating tensions. The powerful, government-backed cattle barons are waging war on the immigrant settlers they brand “thieves and anarchists” and are drawing up a “death list” for their hired mercenaries to act upon. As hostilities mount, the inevitability of a full-scale and bloody war edges ever closer.

The Colour of Pomegranates

Sergei Parajanov’s celebrated masterpiece paints an astonishing portrait of the 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova, the ‘King of Song’. Parajanov’s aim was not a conventional biography but a cinematic expression of his work, resulting in an extraordinary visual poem.

Key moments in his subject’s life are illustrated through a series of exquisitely orchestrated tableaux filled with rich colour and stunning iconography, each scene a celluloid painting alive with stylised movement.


A young schoolteacher frustrated by the lack of intimacy shown by her boyfriend begins to look elsewhere for physical affection and embarks on a series of increasingly extreme sexual encounters.

Gregory's Girl

Gawky teenager Gregory loses his place as striker in the school’s shambolic football team but soon finds comfort with the arrival of new star signing Dorothy.

“She’s ab-sol-ute-ly gorgeous”, he pines to his equally girl-obsessed mates. He sets out to win her heart but when he finally gets his dream date there’s a surprise in store for Gregory.

Les Enfants Du Paradis

Voted ‘The best French film ever made’ by the French Film Academy, Les Enfants Du Paradis is a film of dazzling proportions, and following a meticulous restoration now looks and sounds as never before.

Set amidst the glittering theatre world of 19th century Paris, the story revolves around the beautiful and free-spirited courtesan, Garance, and the four men who compete for her affections: a mime-artist, an actor, an aristocrat and a criminal.

As the melodrama unfolds, we are treated to one of cinema’s greatest love stories, a captivating tale of passion, deception and murder.

also in the offer

Absolute Beginners

Amazing Mr Blunden

Amityville Horror: Limited Edition: Steelbook

Aria: Special Edition

Basket Case: The Trilogy


Bedazzled (1967)


Berlin Alexanderplatz: Subtitled/German: 6dvd: Box Set

Beyond The Clouds: Subtitled/French

Breaking Away



Browning Version

Burnt By The Sun: Subtitled/Russian


Carmen: The Restored Edition

Caught: Bw/1949


Cyrano De Bergerac: Subtitled/French

Decline Of Western Civilization Collection: Box Set: 4blu

Do Not Disturb

Dobermann: Subtitled/French

Don Giovanni: Mozart: 3dvd

Doom Generation

Down Among The Z Men


Electric Dreams

Endless Summer

Flight Of The Navigator

From Beyond


Girl Cant Help It

Hard Days Night: 50th Anniversary Restoration

Heimat 2: Chronicle Of A Generation: 7dvd: Box Set

Heimat Fragments: The Women

Heimat: A Chronicle Of Germany: 6dvd: Box Set

Hellzapoppin: Bw/1941


Hound Of Baskervilles


Kingdom 1 & 2

Lake Mungo

Last Of England

Last Remake Of Beau Geste

Letter From An Unknown Woman:Bw/1948

Long Riders

Lord Of The Flies

Macbeth: Bw/1948

Magic Roundabout: Dougal & The Blue Cat

Major Barbara: Bw/1941

Mary Queen Of Scots

Midnight Run

Mississippi Burning

Modesty Blaise

Move Over Darling

Ninth Configuration

No Surrender


Once Were Warriors

Pandoras Box: Silent/German/Bw/1928

Picnic At Hanging Rock: Deluxe Edition: 3dvd

Pygmalion: Bw/1938

Quest For Fire

Raid On Entebbe


Reckless Moment: Bw/1949

Rendez-Vous: Subtitled/French

Return Of The Living Dead

Ring Finger (Lannulaire): Subtitled/French


Scanners 2: New Order

Scanners 3: Takeover

Sebastiane: Subtitled/Latin

Short Circuit

Sign Of Four

Sleeping Room

Sometimes They Come Back

Space Truckers

Speer & Hitler

State Of Grace

Stop Making Sense (Restored Edition)


Super Mario Bros


Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974): Standard Edition: 40th Anniversary Restoration:

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

Time Regained: Subtitled/French


Tunnel: Subtitled/German

War Requiem (Britten): 20th Anniversary Edition


Wicked Lady

Wild Style

Wild Target: Subtitled/French


Willard/Ben: Limited Edition:Boxset: 2blu

World On A Wire: Subtitled/German: 2dvd

Your Cheatin Heart

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