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September’s Vinyl Reissues

Fopp's Picks

with vinyl reissues from Wilco, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains  and more, September is shaping up to be a great month for record collectors. here’s our picks for September.

Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones – Checkerboard Lounge: Live Chicago 1981 – Red & White 2LP

release date: 2nd September 2022


On November 22nd, 1981, in the middle of their mammoth American tour, the Rolling Stones arrived in Chicago prior to playing 3 nights at the Rosemont Horizon. Long influenced by the Chicago blues, the band paid a visit to Buddy Guy’s club the Checkerboard Lounge to see the legendary bluesman perform. It didn’t take long before Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Ian Stewart were joining in on stage and later Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and Lefty Dizz also played their part.

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – 2LP

release date: 30th September 2022


Fourth studio album by the American rock band. ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ was acclaimed by music critics, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of the 2000s. It is the band’s first album with drummer Glenn Kotche, and last with multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jay Bennett.




Alice in Chains – Dirt – 2LP

release date: 23rd September 2022


Second studio album by the American rock band, originally released in September 1992. The album received critical acclaim and has gone on to sell five million copies worldwide, making ‘Dirt’ the band’s highest selling album to date. It was also the band’s last album recorded with all four original members.



House of Pain – Fine Malt Lyrics

release date: 2nd September 2022


Debut studio album by the New York hip-hop trio, originally released in July 1992. The lead single ‘Jump Around’ became a worldwide hit, making ‘Fine Malt Lyrics’ the band’s highest selling album to date, being certified platinum for the sale of over 1 million copies.



Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now

release date: 16th September 2022


Louder Now is the third studio album from platinum-selling rock band Taking Back Sunday. The album, their first with a major label, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. Certified Gold in just two months, Louder Now boasts the hit singles “MakeDamnSure,” “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)” and “Twenty-Twenty Surgery.” Fitting to the album title, this release took on a heavier, darker mood and a bolder array of riffs and choruses than their previous records – a sound embraced by fans and critics alike. 


Wigwam – Fairyport – 4LP

release date: 30th September 2022


The 51st anniversary edition of Wigwam’s game-changing prog rock classic ‘Fairyport.’ It includes the legendary jam ‘Rave-up For The Roadies,’ featuring Jukka Tolonen in its original 36-minute form, plus demo sessions caught on tape as well as some eight-track reels of the album’s work-in-progress stage. The box set also features a live album, and includes the 20-minute live set from the first ever Ruisrock in 1970.







Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber – Yellow & Black 2LP

release date: 30th September 2022


The 10th anniversary edition of Melody’s Echo Chamber’s self-titled debut will be released alongside ‘Unfold’, the lost follow-up album from which seven rare and unreleased tracks will be made available. In their unexpurgated and unvarnished states, sometimes almost finished and sometimes in fragments, Unfold’s seven tracks demonstrate a splurge of righteous creation cut off at an inopportune moment and preserved like the ruins of Pompeii.





Pink Floyd – Animals – 2018 remix

release date: 16th September 2022


Animals 2018 Remix will be released on CD, LP (with gatefold artwork), Blu-ray, Digital and Deluxe Gatefold formats. The Deluxe Gatefold version includes LP, CD, audio Blu-ray, audio DVD and a 32-page book. The Blu-ray and DVD audio include the 2018 remix in Stereo, 5.1 Surround (both by James Guthrie) and the original 1977 Stereo mix. The 32-page booklet features rarely seen behind the scenes photographs of the album sleeve shoot along with live images and memorabilia. The album artwork has been reimagined for this release.




Wedding Present – Hit Parade – 2LP

release date: 23rd September 2022


In 1992, The Wedding Present decided to release a limited edition single every month, each featuring an original track on the A side and a cover on the B side. The tracks were compiled as two LPs called ‘Hit Parade 1’ and ‘Hit Parade 2’ and re-released as a double CD in 2003 called ‘The Hit Parade’. The plan to release 12 singles in a year was an attempt to match Elvis Presley’s record of 12 top 40 singles in a year which he had achieved in 1957. The singles, each in an edition of 10,000, were deleted soon after release. They were critically acclaimed and each charted in the top 40. This 2022 edition replaces the original sleeve with new artwork combining the individual single artworks.


Aqua – Aquarium: 25th Anniversary Pink Vinyl

release date: 23rd September 2022


2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Aqua’s first album ‘Aquarium’ and iconic global hit ‘Barbie Girl’. Released as a part of their ground-breaking debut album ‘Aquarium’ in 1997, the hit made everyone sing along to the lines ‘I’m a Barbie Girl, in the Barbie World’, while it also catapulted Aqua into the public consciousness. Not only did the group gain attention for their iconic music, but their cartoonish universe with blue hair, spikes, and wild outfits also made them a true symbol of the late ’90s. Having sold 33 million albums and gained worldwide attention, Aqua stands as a one-of-a-kind moment in Danish music history worth celebrating.












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