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The Internet Hive Mind

Hive Mind – written and produced entirely by The Internet – is the band’s follow up to their breakthrough third album, Ego Death. That album’s fresh sound – funk-tinged beats, laced with slinky guitars, evocative keys, and heart-striking lyrics about relationships with women – earned it a GRAMMY nomination for Best Urban Contemporary album. With the dynamic, multi-dimensional offering, The Internet let the world know that they were not only insanely talented, but a true, five-person force whose singular talents created one phenomenal whole.

With the chaos of the current world considered as well, all of The Internet wanted to champion good feelings and the joy of following your heart and passions, in addition to using their own positive relationships and experiences to inspire their community. The result is not just one of the greatest records in the band’s already phenomenal catalogue, but is easily one of the best albums of 2018.

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Ty Segall & White Fence Joy

Earlier in the year, Ty Segall and White Fence revealed that they would be working on a new album together, Joy. It’s the two Californian’s first collaborative project in six years, since they released their debut joint record, Hair.

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Mulatu Astatke Afro-Latin Soul Volume 1 & 2

Strut continue their essential work with the “Godfather Of Ethio Jazz”, Mulatu Astatke, with the first official reissues of his early classics ‘Afro Latin Soul’ Volumes 1 and 2 from 1966, recorded as The Ethiopian Quintet.

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Also Out This Week

Chris Difford Pants

Dirty Vegas Days Go By: The Retrospective: 2cd

Liars 1/1: Original Soundtrack To The Film

Ost: Mike Patton 1922: Music From The Netflix Film

Public Image Limited (Pil) Public Image Is Rotten (Songsfrom The Heart): 5cd: 2dvd

Various Artists Now 1: 2cd

Kanye West Ye

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