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Liverpool’s The Mysterines are shaping up to be a new force in the world of rock. Thick fuzzy riffs and good old, catchy as hell choruses make the their debut record The Reeling an offering that feels warmly familiar with a hard-hitting, unique edge. The first single, Dangerous has set the album to be special from the get go with the scouse four displaying some real song-writing chops. But which albums and artists inform said chops? Well, here is what The Mysterines appreciate, now, let us appreciate The Mysterines.

Desert Sessions – 9 & 10
We’ve listened to this album while driving around at night a lot. It’s a great car album, definitely the type of record you put on after a gig driving back to the hotel.

Brian Jonestown – Revelation
Possibly our favourite BJM record. We have all loved and listened to this band a lot over the years. Anton and BJM have been a big influence for us all.

Tom Waits – Bone Machine 
We’re all massive Tom Waits fans. It’s the type of music all our mums hate. Bone Machine is a record we have listened to so much and was definitely a big sonic reference for ‘Reeling’.

Pixies – Doolittle
Doolittle is like a mystical realm only the coolest people of this world get to explore and understand, and once you’ve been there you never really come back the same person you were… in the greatest of ways.

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
We have all sort of grew up with Arcade Fire so they mean a lot to us. The suburbs and neon bible are two albums that were around when we all first started properly playing and soaking up music so we definitely had to have one of them in.

 Echo and The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain
Best album to come out of Liverpool since The Beatles. One of the best albums ever, no doubt. Ian McCullough makes us laugh a lot and his songs aren’t bad either.

Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
 Collectively all our favourite Arctics album. Cool as fuck and made in the desert.  Big turning point in all our lives when this album came out, we can all remember going to the shop and buying the CD when it came out.

PJ Harvey – Dry 
Pretty much the reason Lia only uses a telecaster guitar on our debut record.

Reeling is available in-store on cd & lp!

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