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May’s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Fopp's Picks

With Collector’s Edition releases for Enter The Void, Drive and more, May is shaping up to be a great month for film collector’s. here’s our picks for may.


Johnny Mnemonic Limited Edition

Release Date : 9th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
101 Films presents Robert Longo’s cyberpunk classic Johnny Mnemonic (1995), released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. Adapted for the screen by visionary writer William Gibson from his own short story and starring Keanu Reeves in a role that paved the way for his lead role in the Matrix series, Johnny Mnemonic is a futuristic thrill-ride that will blow your mind.
It’s the year 2021 and Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data courier with a secret: he is carrying a dangerous stash of information in his mind and must race against time, money and gangsters to deliver the package and save himself. Accompanied by physically enhanced bodyguard Jane (Dina Meyer), Johnny sets out to acquire the passwords he needs to save himself. Worse yet, he is hunted by gangster Shinji (Denis Akiyama) and businessman Takahashi (Takeshi), both of whom seek the data Johnny possesses.



Drive Limited Collector’s Edition

Release Date: 30th May 2022  Pushed back to June 6th 2022
Format: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
A laconic best-in-the-business getaway driver with a strict professional code has his loner lifestyle turned upside down when he falls for his neighbour Irene. With her ex-con husband owing protection money she’s drawn into a dangerous underworld and only the driver can save her.
• A Special Edition release presented by Second Sight Films and Director Nicolas Winding Refn
• Includes UHD and Blu-ray both with main feature and bonus features
• New 4K master produced by the original post production company and approved by Nicolas Winding Refn
• UHD presented in Dolby Vision HDR graded by the film’s original colourist  
• Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
• New exclusive audio commentary by Nicolas Winding Refn and The Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw
• 240-page hardback book with new essays by Travis Crawford, Hannah Strong, Alison Taylor, Matthew Thrift, Simon Ward, Thomas Joseph Watson and Emma Westwood, an exclusive interview with Drive author James Sallis by Matthew Thrift, original storyboards, stills and behind-the-scenes photos
• The original novel with exclusive new artwork by AllCity
• 7 collectors’ art cards




Enter The Void Limited Collector’s Edition

Release Date: 30th May 2022
Format: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
Eight years after the controversial and shocking Irreversible, director Gaspar Noé cemented his reputation as the enfant terrible of New French Extremity with perhaps his most challenging film to date – a hallucinatory meditation on life, death and rebirth, shot entirely in the first person.
American siblings Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) and Linda (Paz de la Huerta, The Limits of Control) eke out a shared existence in Tokyo – he by dealing drugs, she by working as a stripper. However, tragedy strikes when a deal turns sour and Oscar is shot by the police. As his lifeless body lies on the floor of a public toilet, his soul floats high above the neon-drenched Tokyo streets, observing the effect of his death on his sister and reliving the events in his life that brought him to this juncture.
Described by Noé himself as a “psychedelic melodrama”, Enter the Void boasts mesmerising cinematography by the award-winning Benoît Debie (Climax, Spring Breakers) and a hypnotic soundtrack of experimental and electronic music. Powerful and transcendent, it offers viewers an immersive cinematic experience like no other.

Romper Stomper Deluxe Collector’s Edition

Release Date: 30th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
Featuring a young Russell Crowe in a knock out early performance, ROMPER STOMPER is a gritty Australian urban thriller highlighting the danger of scapegoating and racial prejudice. With its skinhead protagonists and violent motif, the movie walks in the shadow of productions such as Alan Clarke’s MADE IN BRITAIN and acted as a precursor to later work like AMERICAN HISTORY X and THIS IS ENGLAND.
Hando (Crowe), the psychotic leader of a gang of marauding neo-Nazi teenagers, begins a relationship with the epileptic Gabrielle, but though they at first make a good team the courtship soon turns abusive. Though Gabrielle has designs to take Hando away from his life of crime and destruction, his indoctrination into a racist world viewpoint seems all-consuming. Hard-hitting and at times cruel, this sadistic drama bleeds with unpalatable truths and difficult to face up to notions of culture, identity and working-class disintegration.


Double Indemnity – The Criterion Collection

Release Date: 30th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
Has dialogue ever been more perfectly hard-boiled? Has a femme fatale ever been as deliciously evil as BARBARA STANWYCK (The Lady Eve)? And has 1940s Los Angeles ever looked so seductively sordid? Working with cowriter RAYMOND CHANDLER, director BILLY WILDER (Ace in the Hole) launched himself onto the Hollywood A-list with this paragon of film-noir fatalism from JAMES M. CAIN’s pulp novel. When slick salesman Walter Neff (The Caine Mutiny’s FRED MACMURRAY) walks into the swank home of dissatisfied housewife Phyllis Dietrichson (Stanwyck), he intends to sell her insurance, but he winds up becoming entangled with her in a far more sinister way. Featuring scene-stealing supporting work from EDWARD G. ROBINSON and the chiaroscuro of cinematographer JOHN F. SEITZ (Sunset Blvd.), Double Indemnity is one of the most wickedly perverse stories ever told and the cynical standard by which all noir must be measured.


  • New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • Audio commentary featuring film critic Richard Schickel
  • New interview with film scholar Noah Isenberg, editor of Billy Wilder on Assignment
  • New conversation between film historians Eddie Muller and Imogen Sara Smith
  • Audio excerpts from 1971 and 1972 interviews with cinematographer John F. Seitz
  • Radio adaptations from 1945 and 1950
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

The Funeral – The Criterion Collection

Release Date: 30th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
It’s death, Japanese style, in the rollicking and wistful first feature from maverick writer-director JUZO ITAMI (Tampopo). In the wake of her father’s sudden passing, a successful actor (Itami’s wife and frequent collaborator, NOBUKO MIYAMOTO) and her lascivious husband (Kagemusha’s TSUTOMU YAMAZAKI) leave Tokyo and return to her family home to oversee a traditional funeral. Over the course of three days of mourning that bring illicit escapades in the woods, a surprisingly materialistic priest (Yasujiro Ozu regular CHISHU RYU), and cinema’s most epic sandwich handoff, the tensions between public propriety and private hypocrisy are laid bare. Deftly weaving dark comedy with poignant family drama, The Funeral is a fearless satire of the clash between old and new in Japanese society in which nothing, not even the finality of death, is off-limits.


  • High-definition restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • New interviews with actors Nobuko Miyamoto and Manpei Ikeuchi
  • Creative Marriages: Juzo Itami & Nobuko Miyamoto, a short program produced by the Criterion Channel
  • Commercials for Ichiroku Tart by director Juzo Itami
  • PLUS: An essay by author Pico Iyer and, for the Blu-ray, excerpts from Itami’s 1985 book Diary of “The Funeral” and from a 2007 remembrance of Itami by actor Tsutomu Yamazaki

Round Midnight – The Criterion Collection

Release Date: 9th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
Dexter Gordon plays Dale Turner, a brilliant saxophonist who is completely addicted to drink and drugs. He leaves America for Paris where he befriends a young Frenchman (Francois Cluzet) who takes him into his appartment and tries to help him overcome his destructive drug habits. In catching the true essence of jazz, of music, cigarette smoking, sadness and passion, this film has it all.
  • New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed stereo soundtrack
  • Alternate 5.1 surround soundtrack, supervised by composer Herbie Hancock and presented in DTS-HD Master Audio
  • New interview with jazz critic Gary Giddins
  • New conversation with music producer Michael Cuscuna and author Maxine Gordon, widow of musician Dexter Gordon
  • Behind-the-scenes documentary from 19TK
  • Panel discussion from 2014 featuring director Bertrand Tavernier, Cuscuna, Maxine Gordon, and jazz scholar John Szwed, moderated by jazz critic and broadcaster Mark Ruffin
  • Performance from 1969 of “Fried Bananas” by Dexter Gordon, directed by Teit Jørgensen
  • Excerpt from the 1996 documentary Dexter Gordon: More Than You Know, by Don McGlynn 
  • New English subtitle translation and English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • PLUS: An essay by scholar Mark Anthony Neal

The Men

Release Date: 16th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
Featuring a powerhouse performance from Marlon Brando in his first feature film, The Men is a poignant reflection on the impact of war and life-changing injury, as well as the relationships that nourish the wounded as they fight their hardest battle yet.
As veteran Ken Wilocek, paralysed from the waist down, Brando is backed by a stellar supporting cast, including Teresa Wright (Shadow of a Doubt), Everett Sloane (Citizen Kane) and Jack Webb (Pete Kelly’s Blues).
Written by Carl Foreman (High Noon) and directed by Fred Zinnemann (High Noon, From Here To Eternity), this landmark examination of masculinity and disability is presented on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.


  • Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
  • Includes newly created English subtitles for the Deaf and partial hearing on the feature, and the short films Return to Action and The Undefeated
  • Newly recorded audio commentary by filmmaker and film historian Jim Hemphill
  • Return to Action (1947, 19 mins): bricklayers, lawyers, teachers – disabled men and women are encouraged to retrain for new jobs in this short film produced on behalf of the Ministry of Labour


Violent City

Release Date: 16th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray


Starring Charles Bronson (ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, DEATH WISH) and Telly Savalas (THE DIRTY DOZEN, HORROR EXPRESS) this early Italian Poliziotteschi movie directed by Sergio Sollima, blasts its way across the screen in a bloody crime thriller of revenge and retribution. After being framed for a murder following a bloody shoot out, assassin Jeff Heston is finally released from prison where he immediately sets about seeking the pair who betrayed him. However, when he refuses to accept an offer to join the gang which set him up in the first place, Heston finds himself murderously pursued through the streets of New Orleans. Like the spaghetti westerns from a few years earlier, Violent City places its protagonist against the mercy of a corrupt system in a violently entertaining story full of twists, turns and surprises.


  • 2 Disc Set
  • Matt Laminate Full Slipcase with brand-new artwork from Colin Murdoch
  • ‘Charlie Slays – How Charles Bronson Transitioned from Character
    Actor to Leading Man in Sergio Sollima’s Brutal and
    Brilliant Violent City (1970)’ – Booklet Notes by Andrew Graves and ‘Citta Violenta’ Booklet Notes by Tim Murray
  • Double-sided foldout Poster


Lux Aeterna Limited Collector’s Edition

Release Date: 30th May 2022
Format: Blu-ray
Gaspar Noé, the arch provocateur of New French Extremity responsible for Irreversible and Enter the Void, blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction in Lux Æterna, his ode to the suffering and sacrifices involved in the creation of art.
French cinema icons Charlotte Gainsbourg (Ismael’s Ghosts, Antichrist) and Béatrice Dalle (Betty Blue, Inside), playing themselves, star as the lead actress and the director of an experimental film about witches. But as preparations for the shoot get underway, the increasingly chaotic production slowly unravels as egos and bitter resentments rise to the surface, threatening to derail the entire enterprise.
Shot over just five days and largely improvised by the superlative cast, Lux Æterna is a powerful, hypnotic assault on the senses like no other, cementing Noé’s position as one of the most incendiary voices in cinema today.


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • Original lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and PCM 2.0 stereo soundtracks
  • Optional English subtitles (French dialogue)
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (all dialogue)
  • Brand new audio commentary by author and critic Kat Ellinger
  • Brand new visual essay on witchcraft in cinema by author and critic Miranda Corcoran

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