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fopp and studiocanal are teaming up to offer a high quality, beautifully restored premium range that covers some of the most iconic world cinema of all time. all of these titles and many more from £7 on dvd and £10 on blu-ray. Offer ends Sunday 12th June 2022.


director  Nanni Moretti
written by  Nanni Moretti
starring  Nanni Moretti · Silvio Orlando · Silvia Nono
language(s)  Italian  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Nanni Moretti presents a semi-autobiographical account of his experiences in fatherhood, beginning when his wife Silvia’s announces her pregnancy. Family, work and politics mingle in a charming light-hearted tale with a large helping of irony and humour. Following the general election of 1994, won by the centre-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi, Moretti is encouraged by a journalist friend to make a documentary about the current political situation in Italy. Two years pass, another election is held, and he has still made no progress with his documentary. He starts another project, a musical about a Trotskyist pastry chef in the 1950’s, but becomes disillusioned and increasingly distracted by the pregnancy. When his son Pietro is born and the centre-left coalition Ulivo wins the election, he continues to try to shoot his documentary, but with the film remaining unfinished he must learn to stop hesitating in order to complete his passion project.

Belle de Jour

director  luis buñuel
written by  luis buñuel · jean-claude carrière
starring  catherine deneuve · jean sorel · michel piccoli
languages(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


catherine deneuve, jean sorel and michel piccoli star in this classic french drama co-written and directed by luis bunuel. bored doctor’s wife severine serizy (deneuve) hears of a brothel operating near her home and, struck by a sudden desire, goes there to offer her services in the afternoons. while there she encounters a wide range of characters, only to eventually run into trouble with gangster marcel (pierre clementi) and her husband’s friend husson (piccoli) who has discovered her secret.


director  jean-luc godard
written by  jean-luc godard
starring  jean-paul belmondo · jean seberg · daniel boulanger
language(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  dvd · blu-ray · 4k uhd


jean-luc godard directs this classic french crime drama which recounts the brief love affair between petty criminal michel (jean-paul belmondo) and young american student patricia (jean seberg). michel has killed a police officer after stealing a car and is now hiding out in patricia’s paris apartment. but the police are getting closer, and michel falls deeper in love with patricia just as it seems his time is running out.

Casque D'or

director  Jacques Becker
written by  Jacques Becker · Jacques Companéez · Annette Wademant
starring  Simone Signoret · Serge Reggiani · Claude Dauphin
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Classic French underworld drama set in Paris at the turn of the century. When Georges Manda (Serge Reggiani) falls for Marie (Simone Signoret), he faces the wrath of her boyfriend, the petty crook Roland (William Sabatier). Gang boss Felix (Claude Dauphin), who secretly lusts after Marie, orders the two to fight it out for her hand, hoping to eliminate his love rivals. When his boyhood friend is subsequently framed for the murder, Georges, not realising Felix’s involvement, does the decent thing and turns himself in to the police. However, when Georges then discovers Felix’s role in his downfall, he escapes from custody and sets out on a mission to get his revenge.



Edward & Caroline

director  Jacques Becker
written by  Annette Wademant · Jacques Becker ·
starring  Daniel Gélin · Anne Vernon · Elina Labourdette
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


French comedy co-written and directed by Jacques Becker. The film follows husband and wife Edouard and Caroline (Daniel Gelin and Anne Vernon) as they prepare to head to a party hosted by Caroline’s rich uncle Claude (Jean Galland). With pianist Edouard expected to perform at the event, he wants the couple to be looking their best in a bid to impress Claude and his guests. However, when Caroline decides to remodel her dress in order to make it look more up-to-date, the pair fall out and their evening soon becomes a disaster. The cast also includes Elina Labourdette, Jacques Francois and Jean Marsac.


director  Jacques Becker
written by  Maurice Aubergé · Jacques Becker · Maurice Griffe
starring  Raymond Rouleau · Micheline Presle · Jean Chevrier
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


This brand-new restoration of the scandalous 1945 drama Falbalas by Jacques Becker (Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, Le Trou, Casque D’Or) stars Raymond Rouleau, Micheline Presle and Jean Chevrier and is set in the glamorous world of fashion in Paris. Micheline, a young woman from the provinces, arrives in Paris to prepare for her marriage to a silk manufacturer from Lyon, Daniel Rousseau. Flush with the romance and excitement of Paris, she ends up falling in love with the best friend of her husband-to-be, the fashion designer Philippe Clarence. An unremitting womaniser, Clarence seduces her into a tempestuous liaison doomed for failure.


La Grande Illusion

director  Jean Renoir
written by  Charles Spaak · Jean Renoir
starring  Jean Gabin · Dita Parlo · Pierre Fresnay
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  blu-ray


One of the most acclaimed films of all time, and a powerful anti-war statement, Jean Renoir’s profoundly humanist La Grande Illusion remains as vibrant, exciting, and wise today as it was when it was released in 1937. Set in the German prison camps of WWI, the film stars Jean Gabin as Marechal, and Marcel Dalio as Rosenthal. Like the charming aristocrat Captain de Boeldieu (Pierre Fresnay), these two French aviators were shot down and now spend most of their time escaping from German prison camps before inevitably being recaptured. Between escapes, they do what they can to amuse themselves, but after a tunnel they’ve dug is discovered, the three are sent to Wintersborn, a forbidding fortress of a prison commanded by former ace pilot Von Rauffenstein (Erich Von Stroheim). Von Rauffenstein cannot help but strike up a friendship with Captain de Boeldieu, a kindred spirit from the doomed nobility.

la prisonniere

director  Henri-Georges Clouzot
written by  Henri-Georges Clouzot · Monique Lange · Marcel Moussy
starring  Laurent Terzieff · Elisabeth Wiener · Bernard Fresson
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


French drama written and directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. The film follows Stanislas Hassler (Laurent Terzieff), the owner of a Parisian art gallery who becomes involved with his friend’s wife Josee (Elisabeth Wiener). However, after spending the night together Stanislas has second thoughts about their relationship, leaving Josee angry and facing some tough decisions going forward. The cast also includes Bernard Fresson, Dany Carrel and Daniel Riviere.

La Strada

director  Federico Fellini
written by  Federico Fellini · Tullio Pinelli · Ennio Flaiano
starring  Anthony Quinn · Giulietta Masina · Richard Basehart
language(s)  Italian  subtitles  english
format  blu-ray


Classic Italian drama co-written and directed by Federico Fellini. The film follows Gelsomina (Giulietta Masina), a young girl who is sold by her impoverished mother to a travelling performer named Zampano (Anthony Quinn) in exchange for some food. With his act involving breaking a metal chain wrapped around his chest, Zampano attempts to incorporate Gelsomina into his routine by teaching her to perform a drum roll as part of his introduction. However, when the pair join up with a small travelling circus, fellow performer Il Matto (Richard Basehart) soon questions the way Zampano treats Gelsomina, leaving her facing a number of tough choices as she contemplates her future. The cast also includes Aldo Silvani, Marcella Rovere and Livia Venturini.

Last Year In Marienbad

director  alain resnais
written by  alain robbe-grillet
starring  delphine seyrig · giorgio albertazzi · sacha pitoëff
language(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


classic french drama directed by alain resnais. in a luxury hotel somewhere in europe, an unnamed man (giorgio albertazzi) attempts to persuade one of his fellow guests, a similarly unnamed married woman (delphine seyrig), that they have not only previously met, but that they had an affair and made plans to elope together. the woman, however, does not appear to recognise him and does her best to rebuff his advances. the cast also includes sacha pitoeff, francoise bertin and luce garcia-ville.

Le Cercle Rouge

director  jean-pierre melville
written by  jean-pierre melville
starring  alain delon · bourvil · gian maria volontè
language(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  dvd · blu-ray · 4k uhd


alain delon, gian maria volonte and yves montand star as the elegant, mis-matched trio, locked in an elaborate and dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the inscrutable police inspector (andre bourvil), who is determined to foil their attempts to pull off the perfect crime, despite being drawn irresistibly to his prey. as the day of the heist dawns, the story unfolds, with all four players determined to cheat fate.

Le Corbeau

director  Henri-Georges Clouzot
written by  Louis Chavance · Henri-Georges Clouzot
starring  Pierre Fresnay · Ginette Leclerc · Micheline Francey
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


French crime drama co-written and directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. A wave of hysteria sweeps the small provincial town of St Robin when a series of poison-pen letters signed ‘Le Corbeau’ appear denouncing several prominent members of society. Starting with the village doctor, the slow sinister trickle of letters soon becomes a flood and no one is safe from the malicious accusations, which include abortion and drug addiction. Beneath the town’s respectful and calm surface lurks a darker side in which everyone is a suspect. With the townspeople afraid to accuse each other for fear of being accused themselves, suspicion and hatred soon reach dangerous levels.

Le Crime De Monsieur Lange

director  Jean Renoir
written by  Jean Renoir  · Jacques Prévert
starring  Florelle · René Lefèvre · Jules Berry
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


French drama co-written and directed by Jean Renoir. The film follows Amedee Lange (Rene Lefevre), a clerk at a publishing company who joins forces with his colleagues to form a cooperative when his boss Batala (Jules Berry) fakes his own death. After experiencing great success publishing his own stories, Lange is forced to take drastic action when Batala suddenly returns and looks to take control of the company once more. The cast also includes Florelle, Nadia Sibirskaia and Marcel Levesque.

Le Sang D'un Poéte

director  Jean Cocteau
written by  Jean Cocteau
starring  Enrique Rivero · Elizabeth Lee Miller · Pauline Carton
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Classic French surrealist fantasy written and directed by Jean Cocteau. The film begins with a young poet sketching a face, the mouth of which comes to life, becomes affixed to the poet’s hand, and is then transferred from his hand onto a statue. Instructed by the statue, the poet then flees into a mirror and a series of adventures in an alarming fantasy world.

Le Testament D'Orphee

director  Jean Cocteau
written by  Jean Cocteau
starring  Jean Cocteau · Yul Brynner · francois perier
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Jean Cocteau writes, directs and stars in this classic French surrealist drama, portraying a poet wandering through a dream world populated with figures and motifs from his earlier works. The cast also includes Charles Aznavour, Yul Brynner and Pablo Picasso.

Le Trou

director  Jacques Becker
written by  Jacques Becker · Jean Aurel
starring  André Bervil · Jean Keraudy · Philippe Leroy
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Jacques Becker co-writes and directs this French crime drama adapted from Jose Giovanni’s novel. Wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife, Gaspard Claude (Marc Michel) is sent to Paris’s notorious Sante Prison, sharing a cell with four hardened criminals. Gaspard soon learns that his new cellmates have been planning a prison break and have begun digging a tunnel in an ambitious attempt to escape. However, despite initially going along with the plan, Gaspard begins to have second thoughts when the guards inform him he is to be released soon.


director  Rainer Werner Fassbinder
written by  Pea Fröhlich  · Peter Märthesheimer · Rainer Werner Fassbinder
starring  Barbara Sukowa · Armin Mueller-Stahl · Mario Adorf
language(s)  German  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


German drama co-written and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Set in the 1950s, in a period of German economic expansion, it follows the double life of Lola (Barbara Sukowa), a steamy cabaret singer and single mother from the town of Coburg. When building inspector Von Bohm (Armin Mueller-Stahl) begins an investigation into corrupt local property developer and brothel owner Schukert (Mario Adorf), he soon finds himself in a difficult position after falling in love with the alluring Lola, who just happens to be Schukert’s ex-lover.


director  Ousmane Sembene
written by  Ousmane Sembene
starring  Makhouredia Gueye · Ynousse N’Diaye · Isseu Niang
language(s)  Wolof · French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Available for the first time in the UK – A stunning new 4k restoration of trailblazing director, Ousmane Sembène’s 1968 ground-breaking film Mandabi, the first ever feature length film in the African language of Wolof. Never released in the UK, Mandabi denounces an administrative system inherited from the colonial era and the rife corruption taking place for officials own personal gain. Ibrahima Dieng receives a letter containing a money order for twenty-five thousand CFA francs from his nephew, a street sweeper in Paris. But the news spreads fast in his neighbourhood … women, his neighbours and family see in this promise of money their escape. Ibrahima must then face a nightmarish foray into the corrupt and absurd world of Senegalese bureaucracy, which eventually leaves him even more miserable than he was before.

Mr. Klein

director  Joseph Losey
written by  Franco Solinas · Fernando Morandi
starring  Alain Delon · Jeanne Moreau · Francine Bergé
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Paris, January 1942 – art dealer Robert Klein (Alain Delon) is making a killing. For this loyal Frenchman the Nazi occupation is a unique business opportunity. He stands to profit from the Jewish people’s misfortune, as they sell their possessions in a hurry to leave the country. But when a Jewish newspaper turns up on Klein’s doorstep, his comfortable life begins to unravel. It seems there is another Robert Klein, a suspected Jewish Resistance fighter, who is content to live in the shadows and let his namesake take the fall. As Klein’s investigation of his double progresses, the mood shifts from Hitchcock to Kafka and proving his innocence becomes less important than confronting his doppelganger…

Nights of Cabiria

director  federico fellini
written by  federico fellini · ennio flaiano · tullio pinelli
starring  giulietta masina · françois périer · franca marzi
language(s)  italian  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


1950s italian drama directed by federico fellini. cabiria (giulietta masina) is a resilient italian prostitute working in rome who, despite the various disappointments which come her way, always looks on the bright side of life. even her optimism is threatened, however, when she is rejected first by glamorous film star alberto lazzari (amedeo nazzari), then by her supposedly respectable fiance, oscar (francois perier), who also absconds with cabiria’s life savings.

director  jacques rivette
written by  jean gruault · jacques rivette
starring  anna karina · liselotte pulver · micheline presle
language(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


jacques rivette writes and directs this french drama based on the novel by denis diderot. set in 18th century france, the film follows young suzanne simonin (anna karina) as she is forced to become a nun against her will. mistreated by a number of her elders, suzanne falls into a depression and attempts to get the church to absolve her vows. when this is denied, a desperate suzanne is forced to go to extreme lengths to try and escape her bleak existence.

Quai des orfèvres

director  Henri-Georges Clouzot
written by  Henri-Georges Clouzot · Jean Ferry
starring  Louis Jouvet · Simone Renant  · Bernard Blier
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


French crime drama co-written and directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Jenny Lamour (Suzy Delair) is a music hall singer married to her pianist husband Maurice (Bernard Blier). Keen to get ahead, Jenny leaps at the chance to perform some shows for ageing, wealthy businessman Brignon (Charles Dullin). However, when she agrees to a meeting at Brignon’s home and he is found dead later in the evening, Maurice’s untamed jealousy soon makes him the prime suspect in Inspector Antoine (Louis Jouvet)’s subsequent investigation.


director  Akira Kurosawa
written by  Akira Kurosawa · Hideo Oguni · Masato Ide
starring  Tatsuya Nakadai · Akira Terao · Jinpachi Nezu
language(s)  Japanese  subtitles  english
format  dvd · blu-ray · 4K UHD


Akira Kurosawa directs this Japanese action drama based on Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’. After years of ruthless slaughter, Lord Hidetora Ichimonji (Tatsuya Nakadai) divides his medieval kingdom amongst his three sons, seeking a peaceful retirement. However, his life descends into chaos as he is unable to escape the greed and corruption within his own family and the torment within his soul.

Rosa Luxemburg

director  Margarethe von Trotta
written by  Margarethe von Trotta
starring  Barbara Sukowa · Daniel Olbrychski · Otto Sander
language(s)  German · Polish · French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Barbara Sukowa stars in the title role of this biographical drama, written and directed by Margarethe Von Trotta. The film traces the life of Polish revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg, depicting her activism and arrests in Poland and Germany, her founding of the anti-war Spartacus League with Karl Liebkecht (Otto Sander) during the First World War and her subsequent capture and execution in 1919.

The Son's Room

director  Nanni Moretti
written by  Nanni Moretti · Linda Ferri · Heidrun Schleef
starring  Nanni Moretti · Laura Morante · Jasmine Trinca
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Nanni Moretti (‘Dear Diary’) writes, directs and stars in this story of family grief and bereavement. Psychiatrist Giovanni (Moretti) lives happily with his family in a small Italian coastal town. One Sunday he is due to spend time with his son Andrea (Giuseppe Sanfelice), when he receives an anguished call from Oscar, one of his patients, and feels he must go and see him instead; however later that afternoon Andrea accidentally drowns in a diving accident. Over the following weeks, Giovanni, his wife Paola (Laura Morante), and daughter Irene (Jasmine Trinca), remain shell-shocked with grief; with Giovanni suspending his practice, and relations between himself and Paola becoming increasingly difficult. When a letter then arrives from a girl who Andrea had met the previous summer, who none of the family knew anything about, they all become curious to learn more about this person who meant so much to their departed son and brother.

Touchez Pas Au Grisbi

director  Jacques Becker
written by  Jacques Becker · Maurice Griffe
starring  Jean Gabin · René Dary · Dora Doll
language(s)  French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Jacques Beckers co-writes and directs this classic film noir based on the novel by Albert Siminon. The film follows ageing underworld figure Max (Jean Gabin), who, with his colleague Riton (Rene Dary), has stolen 50 million francs in gold bars. When Riton’s girlfriend decides to take up with rival gang boss Angelo (Lino Ventura), the whereabouts of the stolen money becomes clear, prompting Angelo to kidnap Riton and demand the money as ransom.



The Vanishing

director  George Sluizer
written by  George Sluizer
starring  Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu · Gene Bervoets · Johanna ter Steege
language(s)  Dutch · English · French  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


Classic Dutch thriller directed by George Sluizer. Rex (Gene Bervoets) spends three years searching for his girlfriend, Saskia (Johanna ter Steege), after she vanishes from a French service station. Suddenly Saskia’s kidnapper makes contact with him, tentatively offering answers to the mystery.


The White Sheik

director  Federico Fellini
written by  Michelangelo Antonioni · Federico Fellini · Tullio Pinelli
starring  Alberto Sordi · Brunella Bovo · Leopoldo Trieste
language(s)  Italian  subtitles  english
format  dvd and blu-ray


1950s Italian romantic comedy directed by Federico Fellini. When a provincial Italian couple arrives in Rome for their honeymoon, the wife, Wanda (Brunella Bovo), sets off in search of her photo-romance magazine idol, Fernando Rivoli aka ‘The White Sheik’ (Alberto Sordi), and leaves her husband, Ivan (Leopoldo Trieste), to wander the streets of the city alone. When she eventually meets the Sheik and then finds herself alone on a yacht with him, Ivan frantically searches for her as the newlyweds’ weekend threatens to descend into disaster.

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