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The Criterion Collection

Since 1984, the Criterion Collection has been dedicated to publishing important classic and contemporary films from around the world in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements. Criterion has maintained its pioneering commitment to presenting each film as its maker would want it seen, in state-of-the-art restorations with special features designed to encourage repeated watching and deepen the viewer’s appreciation of the art of film. At Fopp we’re celebrating the best of the Criterion Collection by offering all these titles and more for 2 for £30! Offer ends 12/12/2022.

The Age of Innocence

director  Martin Scorsese
written by  Martin Scorsese · Jay Cocks
starring  Daniel Day-Lewis · Winona Ryder · Michelle Pfeiffer
language(s)  english
format  blu-ray


Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Edith Wharton’s scathing account of the tribal customs of the 19th century New York elite. Newland Archer (Daniel Day-Lewis) is betrothed to the demure May Welland (Winona Ryder), a sensible girl who befits his respectable social position. But when May’s cousin, the beautiful and sophisticated Countess Olenska (Michelle Pfeiffer), returns from a scandalous divorce in Europe, she provokes a passionate and uncontrollable love in Newland. With his reputation in the balance, Newland must now choose between following his heart or conforming to social convention.


director  Akira Kurosawa
written by  Akira Kurosawa
starring  Akira Terao · Mitsuko Baishô · Toshie Negishi
language(s)  Japanese  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Director Akira Kurosawa draws inspiration from his childhood dreams for this episodic film featuring eight narratives about a man’s relationship with nature. The first dream, ‘Sunshine Through the Rain’, depicts the belief that foxes marry when the sun shines through a rainstorm. ‘The Peach Orchard’ follows the link between a doll festival and fruit trees which have the power to bring the dolls to life. In ‘The Blizzard’, a group of mountaineers struggle to walk on as the snow hampers their progress. ‘The Tunnel’ follows the journey of a discharged commander who is returning home from the Second World War. In ‘Crows’, Martin Scorsese stars as Vincent Van Gogh who is discovered when an art student travels through one of his paintings. ‘Mount Fuji in Red’ follows the chaos that ensues after six reactors at a nuclear plant near Mount Fuji explode, filling the skies with bright red fumes. In ‘The Weeping Demon’, a boy lost in the mountains comes across a horned man who explains that a holocaust has wiped out the human race. Finally, in ‘Village of the Watermills’, a young man on his travels discovers a village where the inhabitants have renounced modern technology to live a simple life off the land.

Anatomy of a Murder

director  Otto Preminger
written by  Wendell Mayes
starring  James Stewart · Lee Remick · Ben Gazzara
language(s)  english
format  blu-ray


A virtuoso JAMES STEWART (Vertigo) plays a small-town Michigan lawyer who takes on a difficult case: that of a young Army lieutenant (The Killing of a Chinese Bookie’s BEN GAZZARA) accused of murdering the local tavern owner who he believes raped his wife (Days of Wine and Roses’ LEE REMICK). This gripping, envelope-pushing courtroom potboiler, the most popular film from Hollywood provocateur OTTO PREMINGER (Laura), was groundbreaking for the frankness of its discussion of sex—more than anything else, it is a striking depiction of the power of words. With its outstanding supporting cast— including a young
GEORGE C. SCOTT (Patton) as a fiery prosecuting attorney and legendary real-life attorney JOSEPH N. WELCH as the judge—and influential jazz score by DUKE ELLINGTON, Anatomy of a Murder is a Hollywood landmark; it was nominated for seven Oscars, including best picture.

The Ascent

director  Larisa Shepitko
written by  Yuri Klepikov · Larisa Shepitko
starring  Boris Plotnikov · Vladimir Gostyukhin · Sergey Yakovlev
language(s)  Russian  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


The crowning triumph of a career cut tragically short, Larisa Shepitko’s final film won the Golden Bear at the 1977 Berlin Film Festival and went on to be hailed as one of the finest works of late-Soviet cinema. In the darkest days of World War II, two partisans set out for supplies to sustain their beleaguered outfit, braving the blizzard-swept landscape of Nazi-occupied Belarus. When they fall into the hands of German forces and come face-to-face with death, each must choose between martyrdom and betrayal, in a spiritual ordeal that lifts the film’s earthy drama to the plane of religious allegory. With stark, visceral cinematography that pits blinding white snow against pitch-black despair, The Ascent finds poetry and transcendence in the harrowing trials of war.

Au Hasard Balthazar

director  Robert Bresson
written by  Robert Bresson
starring  Anne Wiazemsky · Walter Green · François Lafarge
language(s)  French  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Anne Wiazemsky stars in Robert Bresson’s classic tale about a donkey named Balthazar who passes into the care of a number of owners, each of whom displays mankind’s capacity for kindness or cruelty. When he finds Marie (Wiazemsky) however, they quickly develop a special bond, but as Marie gets older, she and Balthazar grow apart. Will they find their way back to each other and the happiness they once knew?

The Awful Truth

director  Leo McCarey
written by  Viña Delmar
starring  Irene Dunne · Cary Grant · Ralph Bellamy
language(s)  English  
format  blu-ray


Cary Grant and Irene Dunne star in this 1930s comedy based on the play by Arthur Richman. When Jerry (Grant) suspects his wife Lucy (Dunne) of having an affair he decides to file for divorce. Soon enough, Lucy finds herself being courted by wealthy oil baron Daniel Leeson (Ralph Bellamy) while Jerry starts a relationship with a club singer. However, with their divorce not quite final, the couple realise they still have feelings for each other.

Beasts of no nation

director  Cary Joji Fukunaga
written by Cary Joji Fukunaga
starring  Abraham Attah · Emmanuel Affadzi · Ricky Adelayitor
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


The nightmare of war is seen through the eyes of one of its most tragic casualties—a child soldier— in this harrowing vision of innocence lost from CARY JOJI FUKUNAGA (True Detective). Based on the acclaimed novel by Uzodinma Iweala, Beasts of No Nation unfolds in an unnamed, civil war-torn West African country, where the young Agu (ABRAHAM ATTAH, in a haunting debut performance) witnesses carnage in his village before becoming the captive of a band of rebel soldiers led by a ruthless commander (an explosive IDRIS ELBA (The Wire), who moulds the boy into a hardened killer. Fukunaga’s relentlessly roving camera work and stunning visuals realism so intensely visceral it borders on the surreal—immerse the viewer in a world of unimaginable horror without ever losing sight of the powerful human story at its centre.

Beau Travail

director  Claire Denis
written by Claire Denis · Jean-Pol Fargeau
starring  Denis Lavant · Michel Subor · Grégoire Colin
language(s)  French  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


With her ravishingly sensual take on HERMAN MELVILLE’s Billy Budd, Sailor, CLAIRE DENIS (White Material) firmly established herself as one of the great visual tone poets of our time. Amid the azure waters and sunbaked desert landscapes of Djibouti, a French Foreign Legion sergeant (Mauvais sang’s DENIS LAVANT) sows the seeds of his own ruin as his obsession with a striking young recruit (35 Shots of Rum’s GRÉGOIRE COLIN) plays out to the thunderous, operatic strains of BENJAMIN BRITTEN. Denis and cinematographer AGNÈS GODARD (Let the Sunshine In) fold military and masculine codes of honor, colonialism’s legacy, destructive jealousy, and repressed desire into shimmering, hypnotic images that ultimately explode in one of the most startling and unforgettable endings in all of modern cinema.

Being There

director  Hal Ashby
written by  Robert C. Jones · Jerzy Kosinski
starring  Peter Sellers · Shirley MacLaine ·
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


In one of his most finely tuned performances, PETER SELLERS (The Pink Panther) plays the pure-hearted Chance, a gardener forced out of moneyed seclusion and into the urban wilds of Washington, D.C., after the death of his employer. Shocked to discover that the real world doesn’t respond to the click of a remote, Chance stumbles haplessly into celebrity after being taken under the wing of a tycoon (Oscar winner MELVYN DOUGLAS), who mistakes his new protégé’s mumbling about horticulture for sagacious pronouncements on life and politics, and whose wife (The Apartment’s SHIRLEY MACLAINE) targets Chance as the object of her desire. Adapted from a novel by JERZY KOSINSKI, this hilarious, deeply melancholy satire marks the culmination a remarkable string of films by HAL ASHBY (Harold and Maude) in the 1970s, and serves as a carefully modulated examination of the ideals, anxieties, and media-fuelled delusions that shaped American culture during that decade.


Black Orpheus

director  Marcel Camus
written by  Marcel Camus · Jacques Viot
starring  Breno Mello · Marpessa Dawn · Lourdes de Oliveira
language(s)  Portugese  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Marcel Camus co-writes and directs this Portuguese retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The film transposes the tale to the city of Rio de Janeiro at the height of the Brazilian Carnival with a streetcar conductor as Orpheus (Breno Mello) and a local country girl as Eurydice (Marpessa Dawn). With the streets of the city awash with samba music, frenetic movement and colourful costumes, the pair fall in love despite Orpheus already being engaged to Mira (Lourdes de Oliveira). Orpheus and Eurydice attempt to run off together but find themselves constantly pursued by Mira and Death (Adhemar da Silva), who seem intent on killing Eurydice and putting an end to the pair’s romance. But it seems Orpheus is prepared to go to great lengths to remain with his love…

The Blob

director  Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
written by  Theodore Simonson · Kay Linaker
starring  Steve McQueen · Aneta Corsaut · Earl Rowe
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


A cult classic of gooey greatness, The Blob follows the havoc wreaked on a small town by an outer-space monster with neither soul nor vertebrae, with Steve McQueen playing the rebel teen who tries to warn the residents about the jellylike invader. Strong performances and ingenious special effects help The Blob transcend the schlock sci-fi and youth delinquency genres from which it originates. Made outside of Hollywood by a maverick film distributor and a crew whose credits mostly comprised religious and educational shorts, The Blob helped launch the careers of McQueen and composer Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy title song is just one of this film’s many unexpected pleasures.

Blow Out

director  Brian De Palma
written by  Brian De Palma · Bill Mesce Jr.
starring  John Travolta · Nancy Allen · John Lithgow
language(s)  English  
format  blu-ray


In the enthralling Blow Out, brilliantly crafted by Brian De Palma (Sisters, Carrie, Scarface), John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction) gives one of his greatest performances, as Jack, a movie sound-effects man who believes he has accidentally recorded a political assassination. He enlists the help of Sally (played by Carrie’s Nancy Allen), a possible eyewitness to the crime who may be in danger herself, to uncover the truth. With its jolting stylistic flourishes, intricate plot, profoundly felt characterizations, and gritty evocation of early-1980s Philadelphia, Blow Out is an American paranoia thriller unlike any other, as well as a devilish reflection on the act of moviemaking.

Bottle Rocket

director  Wes Anderson
written by  Owen Wilson · Wes Anderson
starring  Luke Wilson · Owen Wilson · Ned Dowd
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Three friends, Anthony (Luke Wilson), Dignan (Owen C. Wilson) and Bob (Robert Musgrave) all dream of being on America’s most wanted list as notorious thieves. The problem is that they’re not very good. As the trio embark upon a series of hare-brained schemes to rob people and companies of their hard-earned money, they realise that they have to work together and learn the true value of friendship.


director  Stanley Donen
written by  Peter Stone
starring  Cary Grant · Audrey Hepburn · Walter Matthau
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Classic romantic comedy directed by Stanley Donen. Reggie Lambert (Audrey Hepburn) returns home after a skiing trip to discover that her husband has died. At the funeral she finds out from CIA agent Hamilton Bartholomew (Walter Matthau) that he was involved in the theft of a quarter of a million dollars during World War Two. The charming Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) offers his help, but as the number of dead bodies increases, so do Peter’s aliases, leaving Reggie uncertain as to whether or not she can trust him. The cast also includes James Coburn and George Kennedy.

The Damned

director  Luchino Visconti
written by  Nicola Badalucco · Enrico Medioli · Luchino Visconti
starring  Dirk Bogarde · Ingrid Thulin · Helmut Griem
language(s)  Italian  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


The most savagely subversive film by the iconoclastic auteur LUCHINO VISCONTI (The Leopard) employs the mechanics of deliriously stylized melodrama to portray Nazism’s total corruption of the soul. In the wake of Hitler’s ascent to power, the wealthy industrialist von Essenbeck family and their associates – including the scheming social climber Friedrich (The Night Porter’s DIRK BOGARDE), the incestuous matriarch Sophie (Winter Light’s INGRID THULIN), and the perversely cruel heir Martin (The Godfather: Part III’s HELMUT BERGER, memorably donning Dietrich-like drag in his breakthrough role)—descend into a self-destructive spiral of decadence, greed, perversion, and all consuming hatred as they vie for power, over the family business and over one another. The heightened performances and Visconti’s luridly expressionistic use of Technicolor conjure a garish world of decaying opulence in which one family’s downfall comes to stand for the moral rot of a nation.

Death In Venice

director  Luchino Visconti
written by  Luchino Visconti · Nicola Badalucco
starring  Dirk Bogarde · Romolo Valli · Mark Burns
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Luchino Visconti directs this acclaimed version of Thomas Mann’s novel. Gustav van Aschenbach (Dirk Bogarde) is an aging German composer who is visiting Venice. Having given up on his existence, he is stirred from his torpor by a young boy named Tadzio (Bjorn Andresen) who seems to represent his ideal of physical beauty and purity. The character of von Aschenbach was modelled on Gustav Mahler, whose music is heard throughout the film.

Deep Cover

director  Bill Duke
written by  Henry Bean
starring  Laurence Fishburne · Jeff Goldblum · Lira Angel
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Film noir hits the mean streets of 1990s Los Angeles in this stylish and subversive underworld odyssey from veteran actor-director BILL DUKE (The Killing Floor). LAURENCE FISHBURNE (The Matrix) stars as Russell Stevens/John Hull, a police officer who goes undercover as the partner of a dangerously ambitious cocaine trafficker (The Fly’s JEFF GOLDBLUM) in order to infiltrate and bring down a powerful Latin American drug ring operating in LA. But the further Stevens descends into this ruthless world of money, violence, and power, the more disillusioned he becomes—and the harder to make out the line between right and wrong, crime and justice. Steeped in shadowy, neon-soaked atmosphere and featuring DR. DRE’s debut solo single, this unsung gem of the nineties’ Black cinema explosion delivers a riveting character study and sleek action thrills alongside a furious moral indictment of America and the devastating failures of the war on drugs.

Defending Your Life

director  Albert Brooks
written by  Albert Brooks
starring  Albert Brooks · Meryl Streep · Rip Torn
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Albert Brooks writes, directs and stars in this 1990s romantic fantasy comedy. After he is killed in a car accident on his 39th birthday, successful advertising executive Daniel Miller (Brooks) finds himself in Judgment City, a shopping mall-style heaven where he must defend his life’s worth in order to graduate to paradise. While he awaits judgment, Daniel falls in love with recently deceased Julia (Meryl Streep) but fears losing her if he cannot reach the afterlife.

Dick Johnson is Dead

director  Kirsten Johnson
written by  Nels Bangerter · Kirsten Johnson
starring  Michael Hilow · Dick Johnson · Kirsten Johnson
language(s)  English  
format  blu-ray


This playful, profound, and immensely moving docu-fantasia by Kirsten Johnson is a valentine to the director’s beloved father, Dick Johnson, made as she is beginning to face the reality of losing him to dementia. Using the language of cinema both to defy death and to confront it head-on, Johnson mischievously envisions an array of ways in which the man she loves most in the world might die, staging a series of alternately darkly comic and colorfully imaginative tableaux interwoven with raw vérité footage capturing the pair’s tender but increasingly fragile bond. Tackling taboo questions of aging, mortality, and grief with subversive humor and surprising grace, Dick Johnson Is Dead is ultimately a triumphant celebration of life, and of the gentle, funny, unforgettable man at its center. Long live Dick Johnson.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

director  Amy Heckerling
written by  Cameron Crowe
starring  Sean Penn · Jennifer Jason Leigh · Judge Reinhold
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


The wild world of adolescence has rarely been captured with as sharp an observational eye as in this refreshingly smart, frank spin on the teen comedy by director AMY HECKERLING (Clueless) and screenwriter CAMERON CROWE (Almost Famous)— for each of whom it kicked off a hugely successful film career. Based on Crowe’s experiences going undercover as a student at a Southern California high school, Fast Times at Ridgemont High blends hormone fueled hilarity with an almost sociological examination of the 1980s teenage experience: the shopping-mall hangouts, fast-food jobs, buzzkill teachers, awkward dates, and first experiences of love and sex. This pop-culture touchstone launched to stardom practically an entire cast of unknowns — including JENNIFER JASON LEIGH, PHOEBE CATES, JUDGE REINHOLD, FOREST WHITAKER, ANTHONY EDWARDS, ERIC STOLTZ, and SEAN PENN as stoner icon Jeff Spicoli—and broke new ground in its raw yet sensitive depiction of the realities of coming of age.

The Fisher King

director  Terry Gilliam
written by  Richard LaGravenese
starring  Jeff Bridges · Robin Williams · Adam Bryant
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Elements of fairytale run through this Terry Gilliam-directed drama, which stars Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams. Arrogant radio host Jack Lucas (Bridges) is devastated when an off-hand remark on air prompts a man to gun down seven people in a wine bar; he turns to drink and hits the streets. He is befriended by another down-and-out (Williams), who turns out to be a former University professor unhinged by the death of his wife in the wine bar.

The Heiress

director  William Wyler
written by  Ruth Goetz · Augustus Goetz
starring  Olivia de Havilland · Montgomery Clift · Ralph Richardson
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Classic drama based on the novel ‘Washington Square’ by Henry James and starring Montgomery Clift and Olivia de Havilland. Catherine Sloper (de Havilland) is a naive young woman and heiress to a considerable fortune, who is swept off her feet by the charming Morris Townsend (Clift) in 19th century New York. Against the wishes of her domineering father (Ralph Richardson), Catherine continues her romance. But is Morris the love of Catherine’s life, or are his purposes more sinister, and is he merely after her fortune? Torn between her desire for Morris and her need to placate her father, Catherine is forced to make an agonising decision.

It Happened One Night

director  Frank Capra
written by  Robert Riskin
starring  Clark Gable · Claudette Colbert · Walter Connolly
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Frank Capra’s Oscar-winning classic romantic drama starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Heiress Ellie Andrews (Colbert) flees her disapproving millionaire father (Walter Connolly) when he forbids her to marry worthless playboy King Westley (Jameson Thomas). En route to her fiance, Ellie meets unemployed reporter Peter Warne (Gable). The unlikely pair are forced to rough it together when their bus breaks down, but Peter’s plans to sell the story of their journey together hit a snag when he finds himself falling in love with Ellie. The film became the first to achieve the feat of winning all five major awards at the Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Gable), Best Actress (Colbert) and Best Adapted Screenplay.


director  Alan J. Pakula
written by  Andy Lewis · David E. Lewis
starring  Jane Fonda · Donald Sutherland · Charles Cioffi
language(s)  English  
format  blu-ray


With her Oscar-winning turn in Klute, Jane Fonda reinvented herself as a new kind of movie star. Bringing nervy audacity and counterculture style to the role of Bree Daniels—a call girl and aspiring actor who becomes the focal point of a missing-person investigation when detective John Klute (Donald Sutherland) turns up at her door—Fonda made the film her own, putting an independent woman and escort on-screen with a frankness that had not yet been attempted in Hollywood. Suffused with paranoia by the conspiracy-thriller specialist Alan J. Pakula, and lensed by master cinematographer Gordon Willis, Klute is a character study thick with dread, capturing the mood of early-1970s New York and the predicament of a woman trying to find her own way on the fringes of society.

The Last Temptation Of Christ

director  Martin Scorsese
written by  Paul Schrader
starring  Willem Dafoe · Harvey Keitel · Barbara Hershey
language(s)  English  
format  blu-ray


Martin Scorsese’s controversial re-telling of the life of Christ emphasises Jesus’ human struggle. Unsure of his destiny, Jesus (Willem Dafoe) makes crosses for the Romans to crucify Jews on. Judas is sent to kill the collaborator, but decides to follow him instead, sensing that he may be the Messiah. In the most controversial sequence, Jesus succumbs to the temptation of normal human existence in a vision on the cross.



The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

director  Wes Anderson
written by  Wes Anderson · Noah Baumbach
starring  Bill Murray · Owen Wilson · Anjelica Huston
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Comedy adventure starring Bill Murray as internationally famous oceanographer Steve Zissou. Steve and his crew, Team Zissou, set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, elusive, possibly non-existant Jaguar Shark that killed Zissou’s partner during the documentary filming of their last adventure. They are joined on their voyage by a young airline co-pilot who may or may not be Zissou’s son (Owen Wilson), a beautiful journalist (Cate Blanchett) assigned to write a profile of Zissou, and Zissou’s estranged wife and co-producer, Eleanor (Anjelica Huston). They face overwhelming complications including pirates, kidnapping, and bankruptcy.

Lost In America

director  Albert Brooks
written by  Albert Brooks · Monica Mcgowan Johnson
starring  Albert Brooks · Julie Hagerty · Michael Greene
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Albert Brooks co-writes, directs and stars in this 1980s US comedy. Disillusioned with their current lifestyle, successful husband and wife David (Brooks) and Linda Howard (Julie Hagerty) decide to leave their home in Los Angeles, sell all of their belonging and travel around the country in a motor home. However, their nomadic lifestyle is immediately beset by problems that cause the couple to reassess their decision to give up everything they had.

Love & Basketball

director  Gina Prince-Bythewood
written by  Gina Prince-Bythewood
starring  Sanaa Lathan · Omar Epps · Glenndon Chatman
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Sparks fly both on and off the court in this groundbreaking feature debut by writer-director GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD (The Old Guard), which elevated the coming-of-age romance by giving honest expression to the challenges female athletes face in a world that doesn’t see them as equal. SANAA LATHAN (Alien vs. Predator) and OMAR EPPS (Higher Learning) make for one of the most iconic screen couples of the 2000s as the basketball-obsessed next-door neighbours who find love over flirtatious pickup games, fall apart under the strain of highpressure college hoops and families, and drift in and out of each other’s lives as they pursue their twin aspirations of playing professionally. Aided by stellar supporting performances and an eclectic R&B soundtrack, Love & Basketball captures the intoxicating passions, heartbreaking setbacks, and sky-high ambitions that mark a young woman’s journey to the top of her game and to lasting love.

Masculin & Feminine

director  jean-luc godard
written by  jean-luc godard
starring  jean-pierre léaud · chantal goya · marlène jobert
language(s)  french  subtitles  english
format  blu-ray


with masculin féminin, the ruthless stylist and iconoclast jean-luc godard (breathless) introduces the world to “the children of marx and coca-cola,” through a gang of restless youths engaged in hopeless love affairs with music, revolution, and one another. french new wave icon jean-pierre léaud (the 400 blows) stars as paul, an idealistic would-be intellectual struggling to forge a relationship with the adorable pop star madeleine (real-life yé-yé girl chantal goya). through their tempestuous affair, godard fashions a candid and wildly funny free-form examination of youth culture in pulsating 1960s paris, mixing satire and tragedy as only godard can.

Merrily We Go To Hell

director  Dorothy Arzner
written by  Edwin Justus Mayer
starring  Sylvia Sidney · Fredric March · Adrianne Allen
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Addiction, nonmonogamy, and female sexual liberation: decades before such ideas were widely discussed, Dorothy Arzner, the only woman to work as a director in 1930s Hollywood, brought them to the screen with striking frankness, sophistication, and wit—a mature treatment that stands out even in the pre-Code era. Fredric March (in one of four collaborations with Arzner) and Sylvia Sidney turn in extraordinary performances as an urbane couple whose relationship is pushed to the breaking point by his alcoholism and wandering eye, leading them into an emotionally explosive experiment with an open marriage. Exposing the hypocrisies and petty cruelties simmering beneath the surface of high-society elegance, Merrily We Go to Hell is a scathing early-feminist commentary on modern marriage.

Midnight Cowboy

director  John Schlesinger
written by  Waldo Salt
starring  Dustin Hoffman · Jon Voight · Sylvia Miles
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight star in this iconic drama directed by John Schlesinger. Texan dishwasher Joe Buck (Voight) moves to New York in the hopes of making his fortune as a male prostitute. However, his initial attempts are quickly foiled and the naive Texan finds himself struggling to adjust to life on the merciless streets of Manhattan. An encounter with street hustler Enrico ‘Ratso’ Rizzo (Hoffman) leads to an unlikely friendship developing between the pair, but as their bond strengthens their hopes of making it big appear more and more unlikely.

Mildred Pierce

director  Michael Curtiz
written by  Ranald MacDougall
starring  Joan Crawford · Jack Carson  · Zachary Scott
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Michael Curtiz directs this 1940s classic based on the novel by James M. Cain. Joan Crawford stars as Mildred Pierce, a struggling mother and wife whose husband Bert (Bruce Bennett) seeks affection in the arms of another. When the couple decide to separate, Mildred is left to raise their daughters alone. As the money begins to dry up, Mildred decides to open up a restaurant and with the help and advice of Wally Fay (Jack Carson), she finds a suitable property and begins her transformation.

Now, Voyager

director  Irving Rapper
written by  Casey Robinson
starring  Bette Davis · Paul Henreid · Claude Rains
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Irving Rapper directs this classic drama starring Bette Davis and Paul Henreid. Charlotte Vale (Davis) endures a repressive regime in her Boston mansion, ruled over by her matronly mother (Gladys Cooper). Her sister (Ilka Chase) insists that Charlotte is sent to a sanitarium for the sake of her mental health and the opportunity to escape from the strictures of home allows Charlotte to blossom. During a cruise, taken as part of her cure, she meets the unhappily married Jerry Durrance (Henreid), and a passionate, if ultimately doomed, romance ensues.

One Night In Miami

director  Regina King
written by  Kemp Powers
starring  Kingsley Ben-Adir · Eli Goree · Aldis Hodge
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Adapted by KEMP POWERS (Soul) from his acclaimed play, the feature directorial debut of Academy Award–winning actor REGINA KING (If Beale Street Could Talk) puts viewers in a room with four icons at the forefront of Black American culture as they carouse, clash, bare their souls, and grapple with their places within the sweeping change of the civil rights movement. February 25, 1964, has gone down in history as the day that the brash young boxer Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) defeated Sonny Liston, but what happened after the fight was perhaps even more incredible: Ali (Race’s ELI GOREE), civil rights leader Malcolm X (High Fidelity’s KINGSLEY BEN ADIR), NFL great Jim Brown (Hidden Figures’ ALDIS HODGE), and “King of Soul” Sam Cooke (Hamilton’s LESLIE ODOM JR.) all came together at a Miami motel. Electric with big ideas and activist spirit, One Night in Miami . . . plunges us into the midst of an intimate, ongoing conversation — and a defining moment in American history.


director  Dee Rees
written by  Dee Rees
starring  Adepero Oduye · Pernell Walker · Aasha Davis
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


The path to living as one’s authentic self is paved with trials and tribulations in this revelatory, assured feature debut by DEE REES (Mudbound)—the all too rare coming-of-age tale to honestly represent the experiences of queer Black women. Grounded in the fine-grained specificity and deft characterizations of Rees’s script and built around a beautifully layered performance from ADEPERO ODUYE (12 Years a Slave), Pariah follows Brooklyn teenager Alike, who is dealing with the emotional minefields of both first love and heartache and the disapproval of her family as she navigates the expression of her gender and sexual identities within a system that does not make space for them. Achieving an aching intimacy with its subject through the expressive cinematography of BRADFORD YOUNG (Arrival), his deeply felt portrait finds strength in vulnerability and liberation in letting go.

Pink Flamingos

director  John Waters
written by  John Waters
starring  Divine · David Lochary · Mary Vivian Pearce
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


JOHN WATERS (Hairspray) made bad taste perversely transcendent with the forever shocking counterculture sensation Pink Flamingos, his most infamous and daring cinematic transgression. Outré diva DIVINE (Female Trouble) is iconic as the wanted criminal hiding out with her family of degenerates in a trailer outside Baltimore while reveling in her tabloid notoriety as the “Filthiest Person Alive.” When a pair of sociopaths (MINK STOLE and DAVID LOCHARY) with a habit of kidnapping women in order to impregnate them attempt to challenge her title, Divine resolves to show them and the world the true meaning of the word filthy. Incest, cannibalism, shrimping, and film history’s most legendary gross-out ending—Waters and his merry band of Dreamlanders leave no taboo unsmashed in this gleefully subversive ode to outsiderhood, in which camp spectacle and pitch-black satire are wielded in an all-out assault on respectability.

Punch Drunk Love

director  Paul Thomas Anderson
written by  Paul Thomas Anderson
starring  Adam Sandler · Emily Watson · Phillip Seymour Hoffman
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Adam Sandler and Emily Watson take the leads in this unlikely romantic comedy from writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. Barry Egan (Sandler) is a socially isolated Californian businessman who runs a wholesaling business in the San Fernando Valley. When he meets businesswoman Lena Leonard (Watson) it seems that there might be a chance for romance between them. Lena is certainly eager, and she pushes Barry to come out on a date with her, but the course of true love is unlikely to run smooth, especially when it has to contend with Barry’s occasional bouts of destructive rage and his accidental involvement in a phone sex racket run by petty Utah gangster Dean Trumbell (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

A Raisin In The Sun

director  Daniel Petrie
written by  Lorraine Hansberry
starring  Sidney Poitier · Claudia McNeil  · Ruby Dee
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Sidney Poitier stars in this screen version of the play by Lorraine Hansberry. When the Younger family receive a substantial insurance payment after the death of their patriarch, the money provides each of them with the opporunity to escape from their cramped Chicago apartment. Walter Lee (Poitier) wants to buy a liquor store, his mother Lena (Claudia McNeil) wants a house and Walter’s sister Ruth (Ruby Dee) needs the money to complete medical school. Will they ever agree on how to spend the money?

The Royal Tenembaums

director  Wes Anderson
written by  Wes Anderson · Owen Wilson
starring  Gene Hackman · Anjelica Huston · Ben Stiller
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Oscar-nominated comedy about an oddball New York family of former child geniuses from writer-director Wes Anderson. Before their marriage floundered, Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) and his wife Etheline (Angelica Huston) succeeded in raising three prodigies: business supremo Chas (Ben Stiller), prize-winning playwright Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow) and tennis champion Richie (Luke Wilson). Now, after years of separation, the children grown-up and the memory of their prodigy faded, Royal returns to his family and tries to make amends. However, with Royal’s history of lies and betrayal, his offspring – who all now have problems of their own – are going to have trouble welcoming him back.

Secrets & Lies

director  Mike Leigh
written by  Mike Leigh
starring  Timothy Spall · Brenda Blethyn · Marianne Jean-Baptiste
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Comedy drama written and directed by Mike Leigh. Hortense Cumberbatch (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is a young and successful black Londoner who, after the death of her adoptive parents, is surprised to discover that her birth mother is in fact white single mum Cynthia (Brenda Blethyn). After an uncomfortable first meeting, Cynthia strikes up a rapport with Hortense and invites her to the 21st birthday party of her youngest daughter Roxanne (Claire Rushbrook) where she meets Cynthia’s brother Maurice (Timothy Spall) and his wife Monica (Phyllis Logan) and attempts to learn more about her family.


director  Hal Ashby
written by  Robert Towne · Warren Beatty
starring  Warren Beatty · Julie Christie · Goldie Hawn
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Hal Ashby directs this 1970s comedy starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn. George (Beatty) is a Beverly Hills hairdresser who likes to have affairs with his clients. Sick of his boss and keen to placate his steady girlfriend Jill (Hawn), George asks to borrow money from his friend Lester Carr (Jack Warden) to set up his own salon. What Lester doesn’t know is that George is sleeping with his wife Felicia (Lee Grant), his mistress Jackie (Julie Christie) and teenage daughter Lorna (Carrie Fisher).


director  Andrej Tarkovsky
written by  Andrei Tarkovsky
starring  Alisa Freyndlikh  · Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy · Anatoliy Solonitsyn
language(s)  Russian  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Andrei Tarkovsky directs this Russian sci-fi drama about two men who are led to their innermost dreams in a strange place once inhabited by aliens. A Stalker (Aleksandr Kaidanovsky) leads writer Pisatel (Anatoli Solonitsyn) and a Professor (Nikolai Grinko) through an industrial wasteland called the Zone, in search of a room where truth is contained and wishes are said to be granted to anyone who enters. As the area has been sealed off by the government, the pair put their faith in the Stalker as he navigates his way through the Zone and along the way they each discuss their reasons for visiting the room.

Swing Time

director  George Stevens
written by  Howard Lindsay · Allan Scott
starring  Fred Astaire · Ginger Rogers · Victor Moore
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers star in this classic 1930s musical directed by George Stevens. John ‘Lucky’ Garnett (Astaire) is soon to be married to Margaret Watson (Betty Furness). To prove his worthiness of his daughter’s hand, Margaret’s father tells Lucky he must earn $25,000 before he will permit the marriage. As Lucky and his friend Pop (Victor Moore) travel to New York to try to earn the money, he bumps into dance teacher Penny (Rogers). After a misunderstanding, Lucky agrees to take dance lessons from Penny and soon finds himself falling for her.


director  Jûzô Itami
written by  Jûzô Itami
starring  Ken Watanabe · Tsutomu Yamazaki · Nobuko Miyamoto
language(s)  Japanese  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Japanese comedy directed by Juzo Itami. When two truck drivers, Goro (Tsutomu Yamazaki) and Gun (Ken Watanabe), stop at a noodle shop, they witness a young boy being beaten up and step in to help. When they discover that the boy is the son of the shop’s owner Tampopo (Nobuko Miyamoto), they also learn that her business is struggling and try to think of ways to help her out. As they put their heads together, they come up with a plan to turn Tampopo’s diner into a workshop providing lessons on how to make the perfect noodle soup.

The Tin Drum

director  Volker Schlöndorff
written by  Jean-Claude Carrière · Volker Schlöndorff
starring  David Bennant · Mario Adorf · Angela Winkler
language(s)  German  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Oskar is born in Germany in 1924 with an advanced intellect. Repulsed by the hypocrisy of adults and the irresponsibility of society, he refuses to grow older after his third birthday. While the chaotic world around him careers toward the madness and folly of World War II, Oskar pounds incessantly on his beloved tin/drum and perfects his uncannily piercing shrieks. The Tin Drum, which earned the Palme d’Or at Cannes and the Academy Award for best foreign-language film, is a visionary adaptation from VOLKER SCHLONDORFF (Young Torless) of Nobel laureate Gunter Grass’s acclaimed novel, characterized by surreal imagery, arresting eroticism, and clear-eyed satire.

Tokyo Drifter

director  Seijun Suzuki
written by  Yasunori Kawauchi
starring  Tetsuya Watari · Chieko Matsubara · Hideaki Nitani
language(s)  Japanese  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Classic Japanese Yakuza thriller from visionary director Suzuki Seijun. Tetsu is a former hit man who has now joined his boss Kurata in going straight. But old rivalries soon lead to outbreaks of violence, and Tetsu, decked out with a stoic attitude and a handsome powder-blue suit, decides to leave the city in order to draw the heat away from Kurata. What follows is a vividly-designed pop odyssey complete with bursts of stylized violence and an off-beat genre-defying logic.




director  Sydney Pollack
written by  Larry Gelbart · Murray Schisgal · Don Mcguire
starring  Dustin Hoffman · Jessica Lange · Teri Garr
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Dustin Hoffman stars in this classic 1980s comedy directed by Sydney Pollack. Michael Dorsey (Hoffman) is an unemployed actor with a reputation for being difficult. Desperate for work, Michael dresses up in drag in an attempt to land a part in a daytime soap as a mature woman. He succeeds, and achieves instant fame as Dorothea Michaels. However, complications develop when he falls in love with Julie (Jessica Lange), a female cast member, while simultaneously having to fend off the amorous advances of both Julie’s father (Charles Durning) and male actors on the set.


director  Mike Leigh
written by  Mike Leigh
starring  Jim Broadbent · Allan Corduner · Dexter Fletcher
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


The world of GILBERT AND SULLIVAN comes to vivid life in this extraordinary dramatization of the staging of their legendary 1885 comic opera The Mikado from MIKE LEIGH (Naked, Secrets and Lies). JIM BROADBENT (Moulin Rouge, Iris) and ALLAN CORDUNER (Yentl, Vera Drake) brilliantly inhabit the roles of the world-famous Victorian librettist and composer, respectively, who, along with their troupe of temperamental actors, must battle personal and professional  demons while mounting this major production. A lushly produced epic about the harsh realities of creative expression, featuring bravura performances and Oscar-winning costume design and makeup, Topsy-Turvy is an unexpected period delight from one of contemporary cinema’s great artists.


12 Angry Men

director  Sidney Lumet
written by  Reginald Rose
starring  Henry Fonda · Lee J. Cobb · Martin Balsam
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Adapted from Reginald Rose’s television play, this film marks the directorial debut of Sidney Lumet. At the end of a murder trial in New York City, the jurors retire to consider their verdict. The man in the dock is a young Puerto Rican accused of killing his father, and eleven of the jurors do not hesitate in finding him guilty. However, one of the jurors (Henry Fonda), reluctant to send the youngster to his death without any debate, returns a vote of not guilty. From this single event, the jurors begin to re-evaluate the case, as they look at the murder – and themselves – in a fresh light. The film was nominated for Academy Awards in the categories of Best Director (Lumet), Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Based On Material from Another Medium (Rose).

Written on the Wind

director  Douglas Sirk
written by  George Zuckerman
starring  Rock Hudson · Lauren Bacall · Robert Stack
language(s)  English
format  blu-ray


Based on the novel by Robert Wilder, this modern classic follows the dramas of the Hadleys, a wealthy family of Texas oil millionaires. Alcoholic Kyle Hadley (Robert Stack) marries the beautiful Lucy Moore (Lauren Bacall) before his best friend, Mitch Wayne (Rock Hudson) can tell her how much he loves her. As the friendship between Kyle and Mitch crumbles, Lucy soon wonders if she has made a mistake marrying into the Hadley family.

Yi Yi

director  Edward Yang
written by  Edward Yang
starring  Nien-Jen Wu · Issei Ogata · Elaine Jin
language(s)  Mandarin  Subtitles  English
format  blu-ray


Edward Yang’s award-winning film about events in the life of a middle-class Taipei family. On the day of his brother-in-law’s wedding, software executive NJ Jian has a chance meeting with a former sweetheart and begins to wonder what might have been. Meanwhile, his daughter Ting-Ting makes friends with the girl who has moved in next door and begins to form a crush on a boy at school; his son Yang-Yang gets into trouble and starts asking difficult questions; his wife Min-Min goes to stay in a mountain retreat with a religious guru; and his mother-in-law collapses into a coma. Over the next few weeks, the various members of the Jian family all move to new levels of understanding about the world and their place in it.



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