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Black History Month

At Fopp

Observed in the UK every October, BLACK HISTORY MONTH aims to recognise and celebrate all vital black voices in history. Here at FOPP, our focus is on black greats in cinema; with some exemplary, dynamic film-making spanning decades, our BLACK HISTORY MONTH film promotion covers all genres and focusses on a plethora of talent from in front of and behind the camera, with 5 key examples displayed below;


Genre   Crime film comedy drama
Director   Spike Lee
Starring   John David Washington, Laura Harrier


Set in 1970s America, this is the incredible true story of Ron Stallworth, who became the first African American detective hired in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Winner of the Cannes Grand Prix in 2018, the film is a frenetic thrill ride throughout, with a composed and stylist central performance from John David Washington (son of legend Denzel). Spike Lee has remained one of the most prolific directors of the last few decades, with Blackkklansman being one of his all-time greats. Lee, also behind the huge Boyz In The Hood, Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X, won the prestigious Academy Honorary Award at the 2015 Oscars and continues to be one of the biggest and most popular directors in the world.

GET OUT (2017)

Genre   Psychological horror thriller
Director   Jordan Peele
Starring   Daniel Kaluuya


Becoming one of the decades most gripping and influential horrors, this thriller made a huge name for both director Peele and main star, the British Kaluuya. A young black man visits his white girlfriend’s parents and is thrown into a world he could have never dreamed in his worst nightmares. Kaluuya earned himself BAFTA and Oscar nominations for his powerful performance, while Peele became one of the most sought after filmmakers in the industry upon the film’s release. He’s followed this with the acclaimed projects Us and Nope, as well as writing for 2021’s Candyman.


Genre   Comedy drama
Produced/music by   Pharrell Williams
Starring   Taraji P. Henderson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae


Based on a fascinating true story, Henderson, Spencer and Monae are all on high form here starring as 3 African American female scientists (Katherine Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson) hired by NASA in the 60s to help send John Glenn into space. The 3 women are bursting with chemistry alongside each other, with the film proving a perfect blend of uplifting comedy and enlightening drama, soundtracked by the multi-talented Pharrell. Proving a huge success during awards season, it helped shine a beaming light on 3 overlooked female heroes in America’s space history.


Genre  LGBT coming of age drama
Director  Barry Jenkins
Starring  Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Naomie Harris


Often regarded as one of the best films of the last decade, this LGBT drama chronicles the life of a black man at 3 different parts of his life, as he comes to terms with his sexuality. With an all-star cast, the film boasts an all-black cast, with Ali and Harris in particular giving career best performances as 2 of the most influential people in young Chiron’s life (mentor and mother, respectably). Winner of the Best Picture Oscar, this film broke every barrier possible, with Barry Jenkins becoming hugely in-demand. Also behind the powerful If Beale Street Could Talk, Jenkins has a huge future in film and is sure to be recognised more as the years progress.


Genre   Dark comedy
Director   Boots Riley
Starring   Lakeith Lee Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Danny Glover


A dark satire set in an alternate present day California, Stanfield stars as a black call-centre worker who reaps major life benefits after adopting a “white voice” at his work. Directed by the incomparable Boots Riley, it’s a film like no other, an unflinching, unbelievable and unfiltered take down of white privilege with some legendary support slots for Danny Glover, Terry Crews etc. Stanfield and Thompson remain 2 of Hollywood’s most sought after actors, while this was Riley’s directorial debut after a long career in music and activism. An exceptional bit of film-making, with the last half definitely a case of must see it to believe it!

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