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August’s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Fopp's Picks

With collector’s edition releases for The Big Chill, Good Guys Wear Black and more, August is shaping up to be a great month for film collector’s. Here’s our picks for August.



Release Date: 1st August 2022


Known for his impressively eclectic filmography and for helping to launch the careers of several young Hollywood stars of the 80s and 90s, Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys, St. Elmo’s Fire) tackles the existential question that, at one time or another, haunts us all: what awaits us after we die? Stylishly photographed by Jan de Bont (Basic Instinct) and featuring a cast of Hollywood’s hottest talent – including Kiefer Sutherland (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me), Julia Roberts (Secret in their Eyes) and Kevin Bacon (Wild Things) – Flatliners is the ultimate life-and-death thrill ride.


  • Brand new 4K restoration from the original negative, approved by director of photography Jan de Bont
  • 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray™ presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible)
  • Lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0 surround soundtracks
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Brand new audio commentary by critics Bryan Reesman and Max Evry
  • The Conquest of our Generation, a brand new video interview with screenwriter Peter Filardi
  • Visions of Light, a brand new video interview with director of photography Jan de Bont and chief lighting technician Edward Ayer
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Image gallery

Good Guys Wear Black


Release Date: 29th August 2022


When an elite military outfit known as the Black Tigers is sent into a Vietnam death trap, only Major T Booker (Norris) and four other men stay alive. Five years later and back in America, Booker learns of a plot to kill all remaining members of the botched rescue mission and finds himself plunged into a dangerous game of survival. Fast, furious and rammed with Norris’s custom brand of physical action skills, this beautifully rendered reissue of GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK is a glorious introduction to the actor’s work and a must for all collectors.


  • NEW 2022 2K Remaster from the Original Negative
  • HD Transfer in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) Presentation
  • 2.0 LPCM Stereo
  • Optional English SDH
  • Audio Commentary With Action Experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema
  • Chuck Norris: Path to Stardom by Mike Malloy
  • Original Trailer
  • Radio Spots
  • Reversible Sleeve

The brain


Release date: 1st August


101 Films presents cult sci-fi horror The Brain (1988), an extraterrestrial overdose of cerebral terror and media mind control, available on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK and title 027 on the 101 Films Black Label. Imagine a pulsating mass of grey matter, expanding in size and strength as it takes control of human minds and devours human bodies. It could never happen, right? Just watch Independent Thinking, starring Dr. Anthony Blakely (David Gale, Re-Animator), a hot TV programme. But as the show’s ratings continue to soar, so does the suicide and murder rate among its viewers. What they don’t know is that Dr. Blakely has teamed with an alien brain and plans to gain control of all humanity.


  • Limited Edition Booklet: Includes ‘Ed Trauma’ by Andrew Graves and ‘Thoughts for Food: TV Terrors and other prevalent anxieties in The Brain’ by Liam Hathaway (NEW)
  • Sounds of the Mind: Paul Zaza on the Brain (NEW)
  • 2K Scan of the original negative
  • Commentary with director Ed Hunt
  • Commentary with composer Paul Zaza
  • Commentary with actor Tom Bresnahan
  • Canada on the Mind – An interview with actress Cynthia Preston
  • From Monster Kid to Monster Man – An interview with actor George Buza

The Big Chill


Release date: 29th August 2022


After the shocking suicide of their friend, a group of thirtysomethings reunite for his funeral and end up spending a weekend together, reminiscing about their shared pasts as children of the sixties and confronting the uncertainty of their lives as adults of the eighties. Poignant and warmly humorous in equal measure, this 1983 baby boomer milestone made a star of writer-director LAWRENCE KASDAN (Body Heat) and is perhaps the decade’s defining ensemble film, featuring memorable performances by TOM BERENGER (Platoon), GLENN CLOSE (Fatal Attraction), JEFF GOLDBLUM (The Fly), WILLIAM HURT (Broadcast News), KEVIN KLINE (The Ice Storm), MARY KAY PLACE (Being John Malkovich), MEG TILLY (Agnes of God), and JOBETH WILLIAMS (Poltergeist). And with its playlist of hit songs from the sixties, The Big Chill all but invented the consummately curated soundtrack.


  • New, restored 4K digital film transfer, supervised by cinematographer John Bailey and approved by director Lawrence Kasdan, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • Alternate remastered 5.1 surround soundtrack, presented in DTS-HD
    Master Audio
  • Reunion with cast and crew, including Kasdan, actors Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly, and JoBeth Williams, from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival
  • Documentary from 1998 on the making of the film
  • Deleted scenes
  • Trailer

Umberto D.


Release Date: 15th August 2022


This neorealist masterpiece by VITTORIO DE SICA (Bicycle Thieves) follows the daily life of an elderly pensioner as he struggles to make ends meet during Italy’s postwar economic recovery. Alone except for his dog, Flike, Umberto is determined to maintain his dignity in a city where human kindness seems to have been swallowed up by the forces of modernization. His simple quest to satisfy his most fundamental needs—food, shelter, companionship—makes for one of the most heart-breaking stories ever filmed, and an essential classic of world cinema.


  • High-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • That’s Life: Vittorio De Sica, a fifty-five-minute documentary made for Italian television in 2001
  • Video interview with actress Maria Pia Casilio from 2003
  • Trailer
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic Stuart Klawans and reprinted recollections by De Sica and Carlo Battisti, who plays Umberto D

Flying Guillotine Part II


Release Date: 8th August 2022


Follow up to Master of the Flying Guillotine, cited as one of Quentin Tarantino’s favourite movies, FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 AKA PALACE CARNAGE continues in the same vein as the original with its visceral mix of martial arts expertise and weapons-grade violence. Brutal, fast and furious FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 is an even more off-kilter Shaw Brothers entry than usual, containing familiar tropes as well as unique elements, it is arguably the best of the Flying Guillotine sequels, rolling along at an impressively enjoyable pace.


  • HD Transfer from the Original Negative in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • 2.0 Mandarin Audio with Newly Translated English Subtitles
  • 2.0 English Audio
  • Audio Commentary with Asian cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema Frank Djeng and Actor / Martial Artist Michael Worth
  • Hong Kong Trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original Hong Kong poster artwork

Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things


Release date: 15th August 2022


Dropping somewhere between PINK FLAMINGOS, BLOOD FEAST, and an episode of THE BRADY BUNCH on acid, SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS is a histrionic psychodrama that could only have originated in the alternate dimension known as Florida. After robbing a bank in Baltimore, cross-dressing Paul (aka Aunt Martha) and his partner Stanley hide out in a Florida town. But it’s only a matter of time before Paul’s paranoia forces him to embark on a demented killing spree. AGFA is thrilled to present one of the most unforgettable exploitation movies of all time — and an overlooked chapter of early queer cinema — preserved from the only 35mm theatrical print in existence.


  • 2K preservation from the only 35mm theatrical print in existence
  • Commentary with queer film historian Elizabeth Purchell + AGFA’s Bret Berg
  • Bonus Movie: THE DRAG QUEEN’S BALL
  • Reversible cover
  • English subtitles

Desire/All My Good Countrymen


Release date: 8th August 2022


Jasny’s acclaimed and influential debut feature, Desire (Touha, 1958), poetically intertwines four stories of Czech rural life. A key film in the evolution of Czechoslovak cinema, Second Run present Desire for the first time anywhere on Blu-ray. 1959 Cannes Film Festival / Winner: Special prize, Prix de la meilleure sélection “After long years of deliberate stifling of form, Desire resurrected in Czech cinema the film poetry once upon a time introduced to it by Rovenský, Fric, Vancura, and Vávra” Jan Žalman, Films and Filmmakers.
Jasný’s autobiographical All My Good Countrymen (Vsichni dobrí rodáci, 1968) is one of the wonders of the Czech New Wave. Its deceptively simple narrative weaves a complex tapestry around the interwoven lives of a group of villagers immediately following the ‘socialization’ of Czechoslovakia in 1948. The film remains a potent reminder of lives, friendships and idealism lost under totalitarian rule. Presented from a glorious new 4K restoration, All My Good Countrymen makes its world premiere on Blu-ray. 1969 Cannes Film Festival / Winner: Best Director; Winner: Jury Prize.


  • Two-Disc Blu-ray Special Edition
  • Desire presented from a new HD transfer by the Czech National Film Archive
  • All My Good Countrymen presented from an HD transfer of the new 4K restoration by the Czech National Film Archive
  • Vojtech Jasny introduces All My Good Countrymen (2015)
  • It’s Not Always Cloudy (Není stále zamraceno, 1949): Jasny’s rediscovered feature- length semi-documentary graduation film, co-directed by Karel Kachyna
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Ceská rapsodie, 1969): Jasny’s acclaimed short film
  • Interview with Vojtech Jasny (1988): an archival interview with the celebrated filmmaker made for the Channel 4 television series The Other Europe

The Trial of Joan of Arc


Release date: 8th August 2022


The legendary story of Joan of Arc’s trial and conviction is powerfully retold in Robert Bresson’s minimalist masterpiece. Working from the official transcript of the 15th century trial, Bresson shoots Joan’s ordeal with a serene simplicity that reveals her vulnerability and her resilient faith. A transcendent and moving evocation of human suffering and spiritual liberation, The Trial of Joan of Arc remains a powerful exploration of religious virtue with one of cinema’s most haunting and poignant finales.


  • Presented in High Definition
  • An Introduction to Robert Bresson (2022, 29 mins): film writer and programmer Geoff Andrew discusses Bresson’s oeuvre in this talk presented at BFI Southbank
  • Newly recorded audio commentary by filmmaker and writer Kat Ellinger
  • Women’s Work in Wartime (1918, 8 mins): a propaganda short looking at the acceptable roles for women at a time of war
  • Masculinity in Modes (1931, 1 mins): a cinemagazine item showcasing the more masculine trends in Parisian couture
  • The Legend of Joan of Arc ballet (1958, 2 mins, extract): an item from the cinemagazine USSR Today showing a Nikolai Peiko’s ballet performed in Moscow
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Stills gallery

Wicked World


Release Date: 15th August 2022


In 1989, filmmaker Barry J. Gillis and friends renewed the world’s faith in Canada with the horror brainbomb known as THINGS. But that was only the beginning. Virtually unseen until now, WICKED WORLD is not only Gillis’ 1991 follow-up to THINGS — it’s also a new form of genre anarchy. Grant Ekland (Gillis) is a cop who is haunted by the death of his girlfriend at the hands of a psychotic slasher named Harold. When Harold is released from an asylum, there’s only one option for Ekland: revenge! Filled with metal riffage, gnarly ultra-violence, and experimental techniques, WICKED WORLD feels like what would happen if Salvador Dali injected acid directly into his brain while staring at a Cannibal Corpse LP cover. This is a highly personal treatise on the toxicity of society from one of the most singular filmmakers in trash horror history. If you survive WICKED WORLD, you’ll never forget it.


  • New transfer of the cut from the original 3/4” master tapes 
  • Unseen 2019 director’s cut 
  • Commentary with director Barry J. Gillis 
  • Video Essay: TOMORROW’S DREAM
  • Marshall Law video
  • Original trailer
  • English subtitles

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