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Tartan are back!

After vanishing from our shelves back in 2008, we’ve stacked 100s of classics into our stores to celebrate the return of this most eclectic & illustrious roster of cult classics.

To celebrate their return we have picked a selection of our favourite movies from the collection, all available in-store now (and many more).

The Seventh Seal

seventh seal

Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal is acclaimed as a cinematic masterpiece and is often the benchmark by which all other films are judged, The Seventh Seal is a stunning allegory of a man`s search for the meaning of life.

As the Black Death continues to wipe out the population of Europe, knight Antonius Block (Max Von Sydow – The Exorcist, The Magician) returns from the Crusades, disillusioned and worn. When suddenly Death appears before him, he asks for the chance to live, proposing a game of chess to decide his fate.

The knight takes his squire, a troupe of travelling players and a deaf and dumb girl under his protection as the game is played out. One by one Death exacts his toll, and it is up to Block to stall his opponent for as long as possible if he is to help save the lives of those he is trying to protect.

All the while, the villages and towns about them fall further into ruin and religion takes a strangehold on those desperate for a means of survival.

Coffee And Cigarettes


Jim Jarmusch’s black and white urban comedy features a series of separate vignettes, all based around characters (most of them famous) sitting around drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and discussing life.

Originally released as three separate shorts, the main narrative strands feature famous faces including Steve Buscemi, Roberto Benigni and musicians Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.

These are interspersed with sketches featuring luminaries as diverse as Bill Murray, Steve Coogan, Cate Blanchett and the Wu-Tang Clan. This full-length version was screened at the 2003 Venice Film Festival.



Having knocked out judges at Cannes, winning the Grand Prix Du Jury prize and championed by Tarantino, Park Chan-Wook’s startling Old Boy is finally back in a fantastic two-disc set. Unsettling but ingenious and darkly comic, it’s a revenge movie wrapped in a mystery that twists the nerves at every scene.

Following a drunken spree, a businessman is arrested and imprisoned for 15 years, not knowing his crime or who his captors are. Suddenly, he’s released and given three days to discover why he was shut away and who was responsible.

A critical and box-office hit, the double disc set includes newly created English subtitles and commentaries with an exclusive Park Chan-Wook interview and original UK trailer.

The Idiots

the idiots

Written & directed by Lars Von Trier, The Idiots is the second of the controversial Dogma 95 films. Set in present-day Denmark, it begins with a chance encounter between the timid Karen and a group of drop-outs engaged in a strange, informal experiment where they pretend to be mentally disabled. Initially shocked, Karen finds herself compelled to stay and eventually joins them in the experiment.

However, as the group’s acts of ‘idiocy’ grow more extreme, and the reality of the outside world becomes more intrusive, the border between liberation and self-destruction begins to blur.

Little Fish

little fish

Directed by Rowan Woods & starring Cate Blanchett. Tracy Heart’s (Blanchett) past won’t let her go. Aged 32, she’s spent the past four years recovering from her heroin addiction. Beset by the complex relationships within her family, her world is thrown into further turmoil by the unexpected return of her ex-boyfriend, Jonny (Dustin Nguyen).

The criminal aspirations of her brother, Ray (Martin Henderson), and coping with the attempts of ex-footy star and junkie, Lionel Dawson (Hugo Weaving) to withdraw from his habit, almost prove too much. Will her dreams be enough to start a new life?



Controversial coming-of-age drama from director Todd Solondz. After attending her cousin’s funeral, 13-year-old Aviva (played by eight different actors over the course of the story) determines to have as many children as possible, outraging her conservative parents Joyce (Ellen Barkin) and Steve (Richard Masur).

Getting pregnant in one random encounter, Aviva is forced into having an abortion that leaves her sterile.

Running away from home, she finds herself in the company of a strange, fanatically anti-abortion religious group planning to murder a doctor.



A study of womanhood and identity, featuring two of Ingmar Bergman’s greatest leading ladies, Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson.

Elizabeth (Ullmann) is a famous actress who is taken ill and left without speech. While convalescing on the coast, she is cared for by Nurse Alma (Andersson) and, silenced by the effect of her – possibly psychosomatic – illness, finds that her nurse does the talking for both of them. Gradually, the two women’s personalities merge and the boundaries between their identities begin to blur.

Man Bites Dog

man bites dog

Benoit Poelvoorde’s film swings from the hysterical to the horrific and caused a storm when it was released in the cinema because of its disturbing violence.

Multiple killer Ben Patard shows off his skills to documentary maker Remy Belvaux and his team.

The filmmakers gradually fall under Ben’s spell and become entirely caught up in the brutal facts of his life, changing from voyeurs to accomplices.



Abe (David Sullivan) and Aaron (Shane Carruth) are two young engineers who work in an anonymous city for a large corporation and who, in their spare time, conduct their own scientific experiments in their garage.

While working on a device that will block the gravitational pull of an object and so reduce its apparent mass, the two scientists discover an extraordinary side-effect that allows them to manipulate time.

Immediately taking advantage of this opportunity, they are soon having to deal with its consequences and its effect on their strained working relationship.

The Machinist


Brooding psychological thriller, starring Christian Bale. Trevor Reznik (Bale) is a factory machine-operator who is suffering from crippling insomnia. His weight has plummeted, he suffers from hallucinations, and he finds himself unable to concentrate at work, leading to a horrific accident involving one of his co-workers.

Ostracised from the other men at the factory, Reznik starts finding threatening notes and begins to fear that someone is trying to kill him. Is his paranoia part of his psychological breakdown, or is it possibly justified?

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