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Simone Felice The Projector

Simone Felice, the singer-songwriter, record-producer & former member of The Felice Brothers releases his new album The Projector. Felice has had an impressive couple of years – hitting #1 in the US & UK with one production collaborator (The LumineersCleopatra, 2016) and scoring a Mercury Music Prize nomination (Bat For LashesThe Bride, 2016) with another.

The first single to be taken from the record is album-opener and title track The Projector. Spectral, almost skeletal at first, before the man’s resonant voice and spartan guitar are joined by shiversome choral vocals from Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and haunted folktronica from Four Tet.

The track is a hallucinatory walk through the backrooms and hallways of modern human paranoia and tech-induced loneliness, as the warped choir sings: “All the while you felt so alone / but all the while there were bugs in the phone and you were not alone.”

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A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant

“Tackling topics like technology addiction (“Disillusioned”) and the deaths of celebrities (“So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish”), the band forges a sobering look at the world with the maturity that comes from being on a long break.
Despite the changes Eat The Elephant is a solid return for the supergroup.” – The Independent 

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Black Stone Cherry Family Tree

Over the past five albums, Black Stone Cherry have built a solid base as a hard rocking band, with bits of the country and southern rock influences that likely seeped in during their Kentucky upbringing.

But with Chris Robertson’s powerfully soulful voice, it had to be only a matter of time before their blues rock side fully came to the forefront.

There have been hints in the past, but never has the band so completely embraced the blues rock approach for a full release.” – Loud Wire 

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Alexis Taylor Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing, is a very new, very individualist and – yes – very beautiful reflection of a life that’s changed immeasurably since Alexis first started out in music.

This is a musician, writer and singer who has carved his own unique path through the music of the 21st century, completely avoiding getting trapped along the way in dumb oppositions of pop vs avant-garde, dancefloor vs intellect, retro vs modernist and so on.

He has worked with living legends from major pop stars to free improvisors in the furthest left field, played huge arenas and tiny clubs without ever privileging one over the other, and through all of it, never stopped listening and learning.

All of this accumulated experience is put to work on Beautiful Thing in pursuit of something subtle and elusive but ultimately quite profound and beautifully human. Taylor’s fourth album also represents the first time Alexis has made a solo album with a producer, that producer being Tim Goldsworthy, co-founder of Mo Wax and DFA Recordings and member of UNKLE.

The latest record is a bold and confident step forward for Alexis both sonically and in terms of his songwriting abilities. It has electronic thrills, dark spaces, memories of dancefloors, heartfelt writing; it’s composed, it’s improvised, it’s accidental, it’s strange, but it’s also very immediate. It is a beautiful thing itself: a moving, modern and unique sounding long-player, to get lost in on repeated deep listens.

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The Who Live At The Fillmore East: Saturday 6th April 1968

The 50th anniversary of these legendary unreleased recordings from the Fillmore East, New York City, Friday April 5 & Saturday April 6, 1968.

Both nights were recorded by Who manager Kit Lambert with the intention of releasing as the Who’s fourth album after Sell Out and before Tommy. Songs from the second night have been restored and mixed by Who sound engineer Bob Pridden (who was there in 1968). Remastered for optimum sound quality, this will enhance The Who’s reputation as the best live act of the time, regarded by fans as something of a ‘holy grail’ in live shows.

Features stunning extended versions of My Generation, A Quick One…, Shakin’ All Over and many other Who classics. Features three ripping versions of Eddie Cochran numbers – Summertime Blues and C’mon Everybody (the latter unavailable elsewhere), Fortune Teller played at these shows for the first time and unique live versions of Tattoo and Relax from Who Sell Out.

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