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Hollywood Classics from £3

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Screenbound Pictures have become saviours of lost vintage British and Hollywood cinema, with the likes of SCUM, El Ci, The Roman Empire and many more. Our stores are now packed with hundreds of classics, all from just £3 each. Discover some of our favourites from the offer below.

The Fallen Sparrow

fallen sparrow

A world at war, many sparrows must fall, are the ominous words that open this classic 1943 film noir. That sparrow could be Kit McKittrick (John Garfield), a former Spanish Civil War prisoner who arrives back in New York to discover the truth behind the mysterious death of his friend Louie Lepetino. McKittrick is on the verge of near madness following the psychological torture inflicted on him whilst imprisoned in General Franco s civil war jails. Haunted by a sadistic man with a limp, McKittrick finds himself surrounded by Nazi spies who want to steal a precious artifact that he has brought with him following his escape from Spain. Around him there is only uncertainty with the sinister Dr. Skaas (Walter Slezak) who is fascinated by the effects of psychological torture; and Tonni Donne (Maureen O Hara), an elusive, elegant beauty who knows more then she s telling. As McKittrick tries to uncover a nest of Nazi spies whilst retaining his sanity, the stakes become higher in this excellent psychological thriller.

dvd £3

Sinbad The Sailor

sinbad the sailor 1947

Suave swashbuckler Sinbad the Sailor (Douglas Fairbanks Jr) embarks on an action-filled adventure when he lands on a tropical island in search of Alexander the Great’s missing treasure. In his journey with his friend Abbu (George Tobias), Sinbad rescues and claims property of a drifting boat; he meets the ambitious and gorgeous Shireen (Maureen O Hara) and falls in love with her; he is chased by the evil Emir (Anthony Quinn) who wants the treasure to become one of the most powerful men in the world; and meets dangerous Melik, who will stop at nothing and will kill anyone to get the treasure.

£5 or £3 with any purchase

Days Of Glory

days of glory
Oscar winner Gregory Peck makes his Hollywood debut in this hard-hitting 1944 war film set on the brutal Eastern Front. As Soviet Russia reels under the Nazi onslaught, Vladimir (Gregory Peck), a young Red Army officer, stays behind enemy lines to organise local villagers into an effective guerrilla army. From their hidden base deep in the forests, they emerge to kill small groups of Germans and sabotage the German ammunition supply trains. Vladimir finds himself fiercely attached to each of the men and women under his command – and against his better judgement falling in love with the gentle, frightened refugee Nina (Tamara Toumanova) who has taken shelter with them. Then a fateful order arrives. The Soviet Army is to launch a massive counter-attack against the Nazis – and Vladimir’s tiny band of partisans are ordered to fight to the last against an overwhelming force of German tanks…

£5 or £3 with any purchase

The Unguarded Moment


In a rare dramatic role, Esther Williams stars as a high school teacher stalked by a peeping tom who might be the same homicidal sex fiend wanted by the police. Based on a story by Rosalind Russell and Larry Marcus, The Unguarded Moment is a moody melodrama that co-stars John Saxon in one of his first major roles and George Nader as the investigating detective.

dvd £3

The Night Of The Following Day

Night Of The Following Today

Marlon Brando (Apocalypse Now) and Richard Boone star in this taut psychological thriller that examines the darkest impulses of the human psyche. Set in Northern France, a gang of four professional criminals brazenly kidnaps a wealthy teenage girl (Pamela Franklin) from an airport in Paris as part of a meticulous plan to extort a ransom from the girl s father. Holding her prisoner in an isolated beach house, the gang s scheme runs perfectly until their personal demons surface and lead to a series of betrayals that culminate in an intense climax.

£5 or £3 with any purchase

Quality Street

Quality Street

Hollywood legend Katherine Hepburn (Bringing Up Baby, The African Queen) stars in one of Tinsel Town’s most delightful confections. At the beginning of the Napoleonic wars; Phoebe Throssel waits patiently for Dr Valentine Brown (Franchot Tone, Phantom Lady) to propose marriage. She’s devastated when he chooses to fight for king and country instead.Ten long years later, he returns to find Phoebe is apparently an old maid. Annoyed, she dresses in her prettiest clothes to prove him wrong; when Valentine doesn’t recognise her in this glamorous disguise, Phoebe pretends to be her own niece, the flirtatious Livvy. Phoebe enjoys playing the tease but when ‘Livvy’ becomes the subject of scandalised gossip, it’s clear she’s gone too far.

£5 or £3 with any purchase

Where Danger Lives

where danger lives

Oscar-nominated Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue star in this hard-edged 1950 Film Noir thriller with a powerful sting in the tail. Dr Jeff Cameron (Robert Mitchum) breaks the golden rule when he falls in love with his patient, the beautiful heiress Margot Lannington (Faith Domergue). After a whirlwind romance, he goes to confront her father who seems determined to separate them. Five minutes later he receives the biggest shock of his life and Edward Lannington (Claude Rains) lies dead… Now Jeff and Margot are on the run for murder, with 500 miles of bad road between them and the Mexican border. It is a road with many sudden twists and chilling revelations – as Jeff begins to realise that Margot has more secrets she s keeping from him… Scripted by Hitchcock favourite Charles Bennett and guaranteed to keep audiences guessing until the very last minute.

dvd £3

The Master Race

the master race

A secret meeting of German Generals led by Friedrich von Beck (George Couloris) receive their final orders from the German High Command: the war is lost and it is their duty to prepare for the Fourth Reich by avoiding capture and assimilating themselves into the melting pot of post-war Europe. Their mission is to build tension and hatred so that the attempts to re-construct a peaceful Europe are destroyed. Major Philip Carson (Stanley Ridges) from the American occupation force arrives to help the war-weary people of a battle-scarred Belgium town get back on their feet, plough their fields and rebuild their church. But the disruptive Nazi agents set against the volatile backdrop of refugees, Russian prisoners of war and villagers with old scores to settle, threatens to undermine the newly-found peace…

dvd £3


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