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Based in London, Erased Tapes Records are renowned for releasing avant-garde music that crosses over various genres and styles. Since their inception in 2007 they have become a melting pot for innovative musicians from all around the world.

Its roster of contemporary classical music composers includes Ólafur Arnalds from Iceland, German pianist Nils Frahm, Ukrainian continuous music pioneer Lubomyr Melnyk, electronic producer Rival Consoles, American multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, UK group The British Expeditionary Force lead by Editors guitarist Justin Lockey, Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, Brooklyn-based trio Dawn of Midi, the collaborative project A Winged Victory For The Sullen by Stars of the Lid-member Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran, English film composer Michael Price, singer songwriter Douglas Dare and nordic electronic duo Kiasmos amongst others.

Back in by popular demand, our stores offer a great selection of their albums, from just £7, we have picked out some of our favourites in the offer below, check them out below…

“The heart-string-tugging London label that floats gently between 20th Century composition and ambient music.” Rolling Stone


A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Iris

A Winged Victory For The Sullen, the otherworldly collaboration between Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran, commence the New Year with their third full-length titled Iris. Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran first met the director Jalil Lespert after he had discovered A Winged Victory For The Sullen on a music search online. After listening to their music, he immediately knew: ”it was the sound of my new film”. With an excellent cast of France’s finest actors Romain Duris, Charlotte Le Bon, and the director himself, plus a script filled with tension, sexuality and darkness, they knew there was a lot of musical territory to mine.

It was agreed that they wanted to explore more analogue electronique experiments as well as working with a large string ensemble, to create something that felt very modern and still cinematic. “Despite A Winged Victory For The Sullen being associated with film score type music, trying to survive the process of creating the modern film score is not for people with fragile egos. It requires those who are the most responsive to change. The director and the film presented a new set of challenges, so we decided to stop thinking about cinema as an object, and moved closer to using the film’s images as triggers for experiences. The more we were able to let go, and see the music as something that happens, like a process not a quality, the more we were able to reach a place that sounded like us. It was as if we were making our first record all over again, except being filtered through another language littered with dead metaphors”, the duo elaborate.

“While the duo’s tempo remains measured and its atmosphere is typically grand, thanks to a 40-piece orchestra, Iris puts more emphasis on modular synths.” UNCUT

“While the duo’s tempo remains measured and its atmosphere is typically grand, thanks to a 40-piece orchestra, Iris puts more emphasis on modular synths.” MOJO

cd: £10
vinyl: £20


Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Collaborative Works

“The music on this CD is a collection of our studio collaborations from recent years. We would meet in Reykjavik or Berlin with the intention to share some days off work, hiking, swimming or eating pizza. That is great for a couple days, but after a while we would always end up back in the studio, fiddling with synths or pianos. This collection of recordings cannot be an album. It will remain a collage of our studio experiments of the past. It simply is convenient to have them all together here, so you don’t need to look out for some limited 10″ somewhere or deal with a nerdy record dealer in Japan to track down this one 7″ which will turn out to sound pretty rough anyways…consider them as moments in space and time where we shared the same room for some days to come down and enjoy making music. After deciding to release the studio collaborations, we planned to do a video session of us performing an improvised duet to promote the release”.

cd: £8


Peter Broderick – Grunewald

Not long after the release of Peter Broderick’s seventh solo album ‘Partners’, the composer closed 2016 with his equally exceptional ‘Grunewald’ recordings.

Born in just one night inside the four walls of the discrete yet majestic Grunewald Church, situated on the outskirts of Berlin, this five-track EP is an exploration of the alluring partnership between the acoustic space and Broderick’s solo performance on piano and violin. Reflecting the grandeur of the room and the natural interaction between the instruments and their surrounding environment, ‘Grunewald’ pays homage to a very unusual space that’s become a haven for an entire generation of contemporary composers.

cd: £8
vinyl: £15


Nils Frahm – Spaces

“With Spaces he goes one further–successfully channelling the chills of an actual performance, and making a genuine connection with his listener even in recorded form.” Drowned In Sound

“After the delicate beauty of previous albums, this is the sound of an artist unleashed.” Clash Music

“If, by chance, Spaces happens to be the very first record which you pick up by Nils Frahm, I must proclaim to be extremely jealous–you have a beautiful and highly rewarding journey ahead of you, my friend.” PopMatters

cd: £7
vinyl: £20


Rival Consoles – Howl

Howl is the 2015 release from Rival Consoles, AKA London-based electronic producer Ryan Lee West. Foremost a guitarist, growing up listening to rock rather than club music, West continues to strive towards finding a more personal balance between music for home listening and larger spaces.

The title track was inspired by the howl-like tones he developed by running synths through guitar pedals. The album explores a wide range of emotions; from the dissonance eruptions and primal rhythms in ‘Howl’, to the mournful improvisations of ‘3 Laments’, which features a sample of his own voice. Alongside his performances on Moog, Prophet, tape delay and guitar, West enlisted the help of drummer Fabian Prynn for ‘Low’ and cellist Peter Gregson for ‘Walls’, both long-time collaborators of Erased Tapes peers Douglas Dare and Michael Price.

Rival Consoles was Erased Tapes’ very first signing, with a CDR of early demos under the name Aparatec that inspired founder Robert Raths to start the label. Indeed West has more in common with his contemporaries Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick than some might think. His consistent desire to create a more organic, humanised sound sees West often draft early ideas on traditional, acoustic instruments like the guitar or the piano; forming pieces that capture a sense of songwriting behind the electronics.

cd: £7
vinyl: £20

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Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Trance Frendz

Ben Lukas Boysen – Spells

Peter Broderick – Partners

Douglas Dare – Aforger

Dawn Of Midi – Dysnomia

Nils Frahm – Felt

Nils Frahm – Solo

Nils Frahm – Music For The Motion Picture Victoria

Nils Frahm – Wintermusik

Masayoshi – Apologues

Kiasmos – Kiasmos

Michael Price – Entanglement

Woodkid & Nils Frahm – Ellis

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