LFF 2017: Journey’s End

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R.C. Sherriff's groundbreaking play of life in the trenches is brought to life in this this new adaptation by Saul Dibb. Often plays do not translate well on screen feeling too theatrical - not so with this version. Dibb’s Journey’s End captures ...Read More

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead: Deluxe

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“Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Re-evaluate the songs,” sang Morrissey 30 years ago on Paint A Vulgar Picture. Since The Smiths’ split in 1987, there have been more than enough compilations celebrating their legacy, but amazingly this is the ...Read More

The Horrors – V

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With each of their first three albums, The Horrors reinvented their sound, moving from garage-goth to shoey Krautrock to baggy bliss-outs. 2014’s Luminous saw their sound stagnate a little, but on their fifth album, V, they’re back with another g ...Read More

LFF 2017: Breathe

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Breathe is the story of Diana and Robin Cavendish who live a charmed and idyllic life of the upper middle class in England. They meet at a cricket match on the village green and Diana just knows that Robin is the one. He, too, knows that she is the o ...Read More