run the jewels – run the jewels 3

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While certain hip-hop stars are busy meeting Donald Trump, Run The Jewels are keeping it disobedient on their third full-length. Energised by “Killer Mike” Render’s campaigning with Bernie Sanders, he and Jaime “El-P” Meline have created th ...Read More

bonobo – migration

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Migration, one of the central issues of our time, is a way of life for Simon Green, the British-born producer who’s moved across the world during his time recording as Bonobo. Two years ago he left New York for Los Angeles, and the city’s more re ...Read More

brian eno – reflection

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Brian Eno’s previous ambient work, 2012’s Lux, came packaged in a bright, multi-coloured sleeve, aptly summing up its warm, aerated contents. Designed for the Palace Of Venaria in Turin, it was heavily synthesised but its tones still sounded orga ...Read More

the best albums of 2016

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Here it is, our comprehensive list of the best albums of 2016, the Top Of The Fopps, as voted for by staff in all of our nine stores, compiled here in all its glory. You can read about our favourite albums and films in more depth in this month's B ...Read More

nick cave & the bad seeds – skeleton tree

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Much of the Bad Seeds’ 16th album was written before Arthur Cave’s fatal fall at Ovingdean Gap in July 2015; and yet Skeleton Tree is deeply infused with the horror of that event, and the effect it has had on his family. Nick Cave has often dealt ...Read More