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the hills have eyes: review

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There has, perhaps, never been a decade in which horror has flourished so consistently as the 1970s. The Seventies, of course, was an abundant decade for films – the breeding ground for many genre auteurs, who were intent on challenging the status ...Read More

Videodrome: review

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In recent years, the work of David Cronenberg has taken new directions. It is fair to say that the director has consistently been fascinated with the internal workings of the human organism; but while his early films were concerned with the physicali ...Read More

Battle Royale: review

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During the second world war, when Kinji Fukasaku was in his early teens, he and his classmates worked in a munitions factory. The factory was routinely bombed, and in the aftermath the survivors were instructed to clean up the corpses. Evidently, suc ...Read More

moonlight: review

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Moonlight is an intimate film that is unafraid to take on big subjects. At heart it is a love story, but more than that it is a film about family, the ties that bind and what it means to be a black, gay man in contemporary America. Like Richar ...Read More

Hellraiser: review

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The history of British horror films are littered with genuinely eccentric entries: The Wicker Man, Blood On Satan’s Claw, A Field In England. But traditionally, these are all grotesque spins on established folkloric traditions: where something unto ...Read More